Seeing the soulful side of I Prevail with stripped down “Deep End”

Seeing the soulful side of I Prevail with stripped down “Deep End”

What word comes to mind when you think of the heavy metal band I Prevail? For me, the word is ‘soulful’. That may surprise some, but I find it to be true, especially as band releases a stripped down version of their song “Deep End” from their exhilarating third album, True Power.

Lead vocalist Brian Burkheiser has an angelic voice that puts a smile on my face. For those unaware, this band got famous from a cover of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” single; as soon as I heard I Prevail’s version, I immediately became a fan. But Brian doesn’t do the screaming… those duties go to Eric Vanlerberghe. And talk about a Corey Taylor-level of power!

I’m in awe at everything this band releases.

“Scars” from Lifelines, the band’s debut, is a perfect example of the band’s staying power in the music world — immediately shining a bright future ahead of them. Trauma, the band’s second album, is all about overcoming obstacles, like depression and any other inner demons we may fight. I Prevail, thank you for bringing these issues to light! Depression isn’t really talked about and we should be able to acknowledge it without feeling shameful. One song in this vein that really resonates with me is “Breaking Down”, proffering the message that we sometimes overthink things and that’s okay. I’m incredibly proud of I Prevail for tackling such sensitive topics. If you or someone is struggling, consult a friend you trust or call a suicide prevention hotline, but just remember that, no matter what, you matter to someone.

This band has something to say with everything they release and I can’t wait for more. The acoustic version of “Deep End” is something you can turn on and just drift away. Definitely give I Prevail some play time, for this band is only starting to rise to superstar status! I can tell this band deeply cares about their fans; I have yet to see them live and I definitely want to.

I Prevail – “Deep End” (stripped)

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