WORLD SINGLE PREMIERE: Bradley McCaw drops new single, “Daydreaming Girl” exclusively on Top Shelf

WORLD SINGLE PREMIERE: Bradley McCaw drops new single, “Daydreaming Girl” exclusively on Top Shelf

Listen here before released on streaming platforms!

Bradley McCaw’s upcoming album Worried Minds set to be released later this month, takes a heartfelt turn with the release of his second single, “Daydreaming Girl.” While it may be the second track on the album, it holds the distinction of being the first song Bradley ever wrote. Drawing inspiration from Bruce Springsteen’s timeless love ballads and the captivating vocals of The Beach Boys, “Daydreaming Girl” is a beautiful ode to love.

The chorus of the song carries an unexpected element that adds an enchanting touch. During a performance of the tune to a school choir, the students in attendance spontaneously sang back the line, creating an echoing effect that resonated deeply with Bradley. He decided to keep it, and years later, it still evokes the same magical feeling. Reflecting on this serendipitous moment, McCaw shares, “It felt so good I kept it in all these years later.”

The track exudes pure, feel-good rock vibes, enhanced by the soaring saxophone played by none other than Australian music legend Andrew Oh. With the saxophone leading the way, the band’s energy becomes unstoppable, charging forward like a runaway train.

“Daydreaming Girl” showcases Bradley McCaw’s versatility as a songwriter and his ability to tap into the essence of classic rock. By channeling the spirit of iconic artists like The Boss and infusing it with his own unique touch, McCaw creates a sound that is both nostalgic and refreshing.

Listeners can expect to hear a lot more of Bradley’s artistic exploration and musical depth within this hit and honestly, throughout the entirety of the upcoming album. “Daydreaming Girl” is a testament to his songwriting prowess resulting in an album that promises to be a captivating journey through various emotions and sonic landscapes.

Bradley McCaw’s passion for music shines through in every note of “Daydreaming Girl.” It serves as a reminder of the enduring power of love songs and the timeless appeal of rock music. With this release, Bradley establishes himself as a promising artist to watch, and fans eagerly await the full album experience he has in store.

“Daydreaming Girl” will be available on all streaming platforms tomorrow, June 9th. However, you can get early access to it using the YouTube link below.

Drawing inspiration from the infectious energy of 70’s music scene and the universal yearning for new beginnings, Worried Minds delivers an old-school sound with a contemporary twist and includes a carefully curated collection of songs that showcases McCaw’s remarkable songwriting ability paired with his enchanting voice taking center stage.

Worried Minds takes listeners on an eclectic journey, depicting McCaw’s ability to explore various genres and emotions. Each song is a testament to his artistic depth and authenticity. From heartfelt ballads to foot-tapping anthems, the album offers a wide range of musical experiences that resonate with audiences on a profound level.

Bradley McCaw’s debut album is a testament to his passion for music and his commitment to delivering an extraordinary listening experience. Get ready to immerse yourself in a sonic journey like no other, as Bradley McCaw invites you to join him on this remarkable musical adventure. Make sure to stream “Daydreaming Girl” in order to hold you over while eagerly awaiting the full album release!

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