Skillet unveils eleventh album, ‘Dominion’

Skillet unveils eleventh album, ‘Dominion’

The impact the band Skillet has had on modern rock is substantial. For those unaware, Skillet is a band that has been around since 1996 — that alone is not only crazy, but impactful! Known for many hits, such as “Forsaken” and “Out of Hell” to their name, there doesn’t seem to be any sign of this band stopping or slowing down any time soon. 

Spanning their entire career, Skillet has been climbing the charts.

Fronted by Jhon Cooper, this band is an unstoppable machine. Drummer and backup vocalist Jen Ledger is also amazing; she has skills that would give any drummer today a run for their money. This Christian rock band should definitely be on your concert list (whether you believe in the religion or not)! They amazing live, so you know it’s always a good time when Skillet is on the lineup.

The band’s top 10 songs — at least, in my opinion — are “Out of Hell”, “Hero”, “Monster”, “Awake and Alive”, “Feel Invincible”, “Back From the Dead”, “Undefeated”, “Saviors Of the World”, “You Get Me High and “Set It Off”. All of these songs fit perfectly in whatever playlist. The ninth album, Unleashed, has songs that make you feel like you have accomplished something just from tuning in. Unleash the beast with Unleashed!

This Christian rock band will knock your block off with pulse-pounding riffs.

Established by modern-day fist-pumping anthems and fun rhythms, Skillet is now gearing up to release their eleventh album titled Dominion. The singles that have been released so far are phenomenal, the first being “Surviving The Game”; this is, for sure, going to get the crowd moving at concerts! Have I mentioned that this band is insane live? Having seen them live myself, I was mesmerized at the amount of energy Skillet has onstage and, since “Surviving The Game” goes just as hard through the headphones, I can only imagine how hard this destroyer of a song is going to be when played live! John Cooper emphasizes “I still got some fight in me” in the second single off the forthcoming LP, “Standing in the Storm”, like he’s ready for action, like he’s going into battle. Jen Ledger then accompanies him with lyrics “you can try to shake me”. This song has a strong message, saying that when you are down, you have to get back up… you have to keep fighting. As long as you have the strength, you can do anything.

The title track was released third: a hard-hitting track that says to use your wits, you have all the weapons you need, now it’s time to fight! This song showcases Jhon Cooper’s guitar talents and Jen Ledger’s excellent drumming skills. This is the hardest single the band has released yet.

And now, the full album has been released! Dominion is now available as of January 13th, 2022. Aside from Skillet, Jhon Cooper is also the lead vocalist of Fight the Fury, a step towards the metal direction of things. If you’re interested in this side project, the band has one EP, which is worth checking out — you won’t be disappointed! But, back to Skillet — a band that can do it all and still look good while doing it. Skillet’s impact on the rock genre is vast, as the band keeps moving up the ladder; it’s amazing how much this band has grown and it’s amazing to be along for the ride as a fan.

Purchase or stream ‘Dominion’ album:

Track listing:

  1. Surviving The Game
  2. Standing in the Storm
  3. Dominion
  4. Valley of Death
  5. Beyond Incredible
  6. Destiny
  7. Refuge
  8. Shout Your Freedom
  9. Destroyer
  10. Forever or the End
  11. Ignite
  12. White Horse

Skillet – “Standing in the Storm” lyric video

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