Slightly Stoopid “Meanwhile… Back at the Lab” album review

Slightly Stoopid is a seven piece Southern California based band known for their multi-instrumental cross-genre blend of rock, reggae, folk and blues with hip-hop, punk, and funk layered in. Earlier this year the loyal, technically savvy Slightly Stoopid fans—affectionately known as “Stoopid-heads” all rejoice as the band had announced that they would be releasing their eighth studio album titled Meanwhile…Back at the Lab.

Bringing the rhythms and the sounds far more to the forefront than before and driven by methodized chorus sections and an outstanding vocal performance from both frontmen Miles Doughty and Kyle McDonald – “Come Around”, for example, delivers a massive chorus section before falling into a riff with a groove that causes spontaneous head bobbing.

Each track feels like a evolution in the sound; nothing feels out of place

Listening through Meanwhile…Back at the Lab, the boys of Slightly Stoopid  lightened up some of the technical edges of their sound from previous albums, but have not sacrificed their focus, the hefty full weight to their music, or eliminated the structures that they are much famous for. Each track feels like a evolution in the sound; nothing feels out of place.

The structure and delivery are, as to be expected, top-notch. It has taken quite a few listens to really get the gears going, but once moving, the tracks all start to make sense.

“The Prophet”, written by the band’s co-frontman/bassist/guitarist Miles Doughty when he was 16 years old, initially started as an early collaboration with the late Bradley Nowell of Sublime, while the group was signed to his Skunk Records.  Nowell than recorded an early version of the song called “Ain’t No Prophet” which was released on Sublime’s posthumous Everything Under The Sun rarities box set. The composition came full circle for Slightly Stoopid during their Meanwhile…Back At The Lab studio sessions.

“Remembering first jamming this song with Brad in my living room, and now working with Field Marshall “Ras MG” (Marshall Goodman) to bring the song to where it is today… it’s really just a story of life and what you make of it. I think Brad would be proud to hear the evolution of the song,” Miles added.

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Meanwhile…Back at the Lab track listing

  1. Dabbington
  2. This Version
  3. The Prophet
  4. Hold It Down
  5. Fades Away
  6. Fuck You (Feat. Beardo)
  7. Time Won’t Wait
  8. Rolling Stone
  9. Guns In Paradise
  10. Come Around
  11. Call Me Crazy
  12. One Bright Day (Feat. Angela Hunt
  13. Life Rolls On
  14. What Your Friends Say

Behind The Scenes From The Lab

Released June 29, 2015 • Stoopid Records

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