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When one addresses the concepts of peace and love, one may reminisce on the hippie revolution of the late 1960s and early 70s – when this country was torn apart by unjust warfare, civil violence and tyrannical leadership. One remembers John Lennon in the late 70’s promoting the “Hair Piece, Bed Peace” sit-in, the renouncement of personal possessions in “Imagine” and the mantra “All You Need is Love”. Following along similar lines are modern artists recognizing the same need for human revolution and peaceful protest in this day and age, which brings us to Mike Pinto’s latest single “Peace of Mind”.

the track had little room to disappoint from the get-go

Being produced by Bill Moriarty, aka Dr. Dog, at Kawari Sound in Philadelphia and mastered by The Black Keys’ Brian Lucey at Magic Garden Mastering in Los Angeles, the track had little room to disappoint from the get-go. Production quality aside, Pinto’s melodic flair and introspective lyrics create a synthesis of sound and statement – one to listen, but also to think. Classical piano introduces the track, setting a pleasant tone with an easy reggae backbeat. Pinto goes on to preach a personal mecca of the mind: the pathway in learning how to ‘love thy neighbor’ is paved within the aspect “to thine own self, be true”. Unlike John Lennon’s “Imagine”, where world peace is attainable via communal love and the total deconstruction of societal and material barriers, Pinto dictates that times have evolved: the individual has to learn to love the world again in order to change it. Our generation has lost the ability to love. This obscure phenomenon directly correlates to the advancement of technology – isolating ourselves with headphones, cellphones, computers and television. We are constantly shut off from one another. We are the products of broken homes, since most of our parents have divorced, and now we consider dating as more of a sport than a loving venture – just look at Tinder and Plenty of Fish. If you are an 80s or 90s child (or God forbid, a Y2K-er), you probably regard this country’s government with distrust and indifference since America has been in a constant state of conflict since you were born! Mike Pinto sees it the way it is; it’s now our turn to follow his lead and recognize how detached we’ve all become.

Mike Pinto is currently in the midst of his summer tour that kicked off on May 27th, hitting 15 cities across the Midwest and west coast before ending in Lombard, Illinois on July 25th. Although news of another LP has not been announced, fans have the opportunity to spread the love by purchasing “Peace of Mind” on iTunes.

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Tour dates

  • May 27th – Ocean City, MD – Macky’s w/Th – ovement* (Full Band)
  • May 30th –  Philadelphia, PA – Hard Rock w/Fear Nuttin Band* (Full Band)
  • June 5th – Riverside, CA – Mission Tabacco Lounge w/Jesse Wagner & Chris Murray
  • June 6th – Bakersfield, CA – Jerry’s Pizza
  • June 7th – Novato, CA – Hopmonk w/Clear Conscience
  • June 12th – Los Cabos Open of Surf 2015 – San Jose Del Cabo w/Donavon Frankenreiter*
  • June 17th –  Seattle, WA – Nectar Lounge
  • June 18th – Brookings, OR – Oxen Pub
  • June 20th – Fresno, CA – Ozzy’s
  • June 26th – Scottsdale, AZ – Wasted Grain
  • June 27th – Yuma, AZ – Th – lement
  • July 10th – Las Vegas, NV – Adrenaline Bar
  • July 19th – Seaside Heights, NJ – Jax Garage
  • July 25th – Lombard, IL – Brauerhouse

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