Sono Vero ‘Roses for the Reckless’ album review

With three singles and two EPs already under their belt as of last week, along with an expeditiously growing loyal fan base, the Southern California boys are making another mark in the charts with their latest studio EP release titled Roses for the Reckless, which most fittingly released on Valentines Day. Sono Vero’s first self-titled studio release in 2011 was a welcome collection of smooth understated arrangements, heavy on the SoCal reggae tones and extremely listenable from start to finish.  This very album gave Sono Vero a solid stance and strong foundation for the forthcoming annual incremental studio releases. “Our music is real. I am inspired by life. Whether the song is about falling in love, a one night stand, or getting drunk at the beach it’s all coming from real life experiences,” says lead singer Charlie Ueda.

Sono Vero was able to perfect and explore the balance of reggae, hip hop and alt rock

The year and a half it took to develop and refine the release of Roses for the Reckless, Sono Vero was able to perfect and explore the balance of reggae, hip hop and alt rock—and explore is what they did with Roses for the Reckless. This, however isn’t quite a complete overhaul of their sound, but the album utilizes a much broader range of approaches which leans a bit more to the alt rock side of the spectrum, with the exception of the third track “Back and Forth”, which keeps true to the “classic” Sono Vero sound.

Despite the lyrical and instrumental stylistic divergence from their prior recordings, Roses for the Reckless is undeniably a pleasure to listen to.  The uniformity of the tracks along with the much more prominent vocals of Charlie Ueda and Dan Rodriguez in combination with the astral melodies and instrumental flourishes results into a refreshing take on their reggae, hip hop and alt rock trifecta.

Roses for the Reckless displays diversity and truly showcases the raw talent of the members while they continue to grow and evolve. It’s an exciting time for Sono Vero and we can’t wait to see and hear what the future holds for them.

Sono Vero “Back and Forth” live performance

Released February 14, 2014

Track listing

  1. Give You the World
  2. Leave With You
  3. Back and Forth
  4. The End of Forever
  5. Never Say Goodbye

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