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Ease Up

Ease Up is hitting the road to promote their self-titled, full-length debut album which hits digital stands on March 4th 2014. Ease Up is a band from both Los Angeles and San Diego, California- originally coming from the Los Angeles area, but also planting roots in San Diego County, and enjoying its scene as indicated by a song on their album called, “Play All Day.” Aside from two previous EPs, Ease Up has been spreading their music all around the California region, and plan to do so again with their upcoming Buds and Brews Tour which starts March 8th in San Diego. Fans and those who decide to check this Reggae-Rock band’s new music will definitely be impressed by their style which consists of Ska-Rock with slight tempos of Reggae music. Ease Up also integrate modern rock with youthfulness in such songs as “Liquor Store” and “Another Saturday Night.” Top Shelf Reggae was impressed to hear diversity with such songs as “One Of Those Days” and “Undercover Lover.” The most enjoyable song was “Feelin’ Irie” as it portrayed the sum of Ease Up’s music- even while utilizing guest vocals from Matthew Liufau of Seedless.

Ease Up track listing

  1. My Number One
  2. Undercover Lover
  3. Liquor Store
  4. U.C.S.B.
  5. Play All Day
  6. Now and Then (feat. Travi Bongo & Andres Estrada)
  7. Another Saturday Night
  8. One of Those Days (feat. Moises Juarez, Jon Olazabal & Micah Brown)
  9. With You (feat. Micah Brown)
  10. If You Only Knew (feat. Tim Wu)
  11. Feelin’ irie (feat. Matthew Liufau)

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