Stephen Sanchez releases new single “Evangeline”

Stephen Sanchez releases new single “Evangeline”

Nashville-based singer and songwriter Stephen Sanchez comes back with his new single “Evangeline.” This is his first music release since his seven track album Easy On My Eyes from August 2022.

Sanchez stated, “The song lyrics were written by myself, Trent Dabbs, and Nick Lobel (collaborated with Harry Styles, Sam Smith, and Meghan Trainor). Nick Lobel sampled the 10 second intro of Bobby Goldsboro’s song, ‘Honey’, and put together a verse and chorus for me to hear in the studio. Once I heard that, I felt immediately inspired. The song came to life in 15 minutes. Sampling is not something I’ve ever done nor have I felt moved to pursue, but it was honestly a happy accident that day. Even the way I performed it was extremely new for me. This song really made music fun for me again. It’s opened a world and lore I’m excited to invite fans into.”

The first seventeen seconds of the song sounds like a track from the 50s and immediately captures the ear of an old soul.

It would be a great sound to wake up to. Sanchez starts of his first verse with “Baby, give it all // I’d give it all just to make you mine // And if you need a minute // Honey, I’ll give you all my time, all the time.” 

The background continues with a dedicated hum and a handheld wood tambourine shaking to the beat. What stood out in this song is Sanchez’s amazing voice. He has a deep range and can definitely reach his falsetto. 

The chorus is the most captivating with “So, don’t go to sleep, don’t rest your head // I’ll be the pillow, and I’ll be the bed // Holding your dreams as you lie to rest // Evangeline, Evangeline!” This sound has many 50s romantic vibes and we dig it.

Furthermore, on January 25th, Sanchez announced a massive tour that is broken into two — for the spring and fall. Tickets are on sale now, but are going fast!

The spring tour starts February 7th in New Orleans at the Toulouse Theater and ends on April 16th in Austin, TX at Scoot Inn. The fall tour starts October 13th in Indianapolis at The Old National Centre and ends in Richmond, VA at The National. Get yours now!!

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Tour dates for Stephen Sanchez

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1 year ago

Great write up!

11 months ago

Great description of Steven Sanchez New single has a 50s vibe!! Absolutely amazing song!!