Collie Buddz does it again with latest single “Take It Easy”

Collie Buddz does it again with latest single “Take It Easy”

Add this one to every summertime 2023 playlist ASAP. Collie Buddz has done it again with the catchy, lazy afternoon single “Take It Easy”, giving off big “skip work, go to the beach” energy. Released Friday February 3rd, on the heels of two back-to-back shows in Hawaii at the end of January, rumors are swirling (aka, I saw it on Instagram) that the Bermudan artist was also on-island shooting for a yet-to-be-announced music video. Could it be “Take It Easy”? The story is developing. 

Featuring lyrics condemning the rat race (“What’s the hurry, now? // what’s the rush?” in favor of “take some time // burn some kush”), this track reminds us once again all Collie Buddz ever wants is for everyone to chill out, quit worrying, and enjoy life. This is a recurring theme and core principle in the narrative he’s woven over the last 15-ish years of recording, which began with the iconic originals “Blind to You” and “Come Around” in 2007. 

Simplistic? Yes. Played out? Never. 

“Take It Easy” is the proverbial summer light at the end of the winter tunnel. Rescuing us all from the frigid loneliness of ice and snow, “Take It Easy” helps jog memories of warm sand, sandwiches from a cooler, and the smell of sunscreen. Production is equally alive and upbeat. A highly danceable breath of balmy ocean air, “Take It Easy” utilizes a bubbly, classic keyboard-centric riff and showcases Collie’s smooth, airy vocals. Wildly on-brand for the Caribbean songbird, this single produced by J-Vibe delivers yet another iteration of the signature island reggae/hip hop flavor fans fell in love with and come to expect.

Hoping to catch Collie Buddz perform live this year? His spring tour, featuring The Elovaters and Arise Roots, kicks off at Cali Vibes Fest on February 17th in Long Beach, CA and concludes March 29th in Daytona, FL at Ocean Deck. Collie Buddz was also announced as a 2023 California Roots guest, securing a coveted Saturday slot at the four-day festival. 

Fun fact: “Take It Easy” marks the first solo single not featuring other artists since 2020’s “Close To You” and “Brighter Days”. Does this mean a new album might be in the works?! Sound off in the comments.

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