Sublime tribute band Badfish releases first original single feat. Little Stranger

Sublime tribute band Badfish releases first original single feat. Little Stranger

Badfish, the prominent and go-to Sublime tribute band, is pretty fondly regarded as mainstays of the American reggae scene. With an energetic live performance that was conceived as a celebration of the spirit of the Sublime legacy, Badfish has always been about delivering true and genuine performances of the music that influenced them, as both musicians and as fans. However, now, they are casting aside that mold and embarking on an entirely brand new experience, exploring exciting territory.

Badfish is now writing and releasing their very own music!

A move that is definitely going to add a fresh element to their already vibrant catalog. Over the years, Badfish has gained a lot of significant recognition and regularly headlines theaters across the U.S. In fact, they have cultured a mass of fans on a level that could be associated with a lot of mainstream acts touring today. As they look towards the wide open future, there is an immense level of excitement about bringing their original material to their fans. Being well aware of how long those fans have supported them in their adoration for Sublime’s music makes this project that much sweeter for Badfish.

Starting with the exceedingly respectable new single “High With You” featuring Little Stranger, the band is being very strategic with the launch of their new music. With a plan to match up release dates with their winter road trip (happening now), this approach has been allowing Badfish to integrate new singles into their regular setlist while on tour, building anticipation and feeling out how fans are digging the new songs.

When asked about their original music, Badfish members purports inspiration for new material just kind of… appeared.

“One day, the ideas for this new batch of songs just started to flow out of the blue,” the band states. “We feel lucky to have captured them! Perspective is a great tool in music composition and we’ve got plenty of that by now. When it feels right, it feels right… and these songs definitely are feeling right.” 

As seasoned musicians, they trust their instincts and, honestly, I trust them, too. “High With You” is a dynamic wrecking ball that is going to make everyone wonder why Badfish hadn’t been doing this sooner. It has such a resemblance to something Sublime might put out without, in any way, making you think they are trying to be Sublime. The influence is clearly there, but Badfish is obviously the architect of this reality. Whether it’s Bradley’s words being sung or not, the passion of this band is abundant and the East Coast-inspired hip hop energy of the track makes Little Stranger fit in spectacularly. 

The emergence and ascent of the reggae scene surrounding Badfish has played a significant role in their decision to release original music.

Over the past decade, the bands that have opened for Badfish have become an integral part of this blossoming and flourishing scene, which has influenced the band’s perspective even further. “We have all been lifelong musicians,” explains the band. “Putting out original music alongside being a tribute band has always been a point of interest to us, but honestly, has felt like a tricky path to walk. But as the years have gone by and we’ve gotten to witness the growth of our little show turn into somewhat of a movement within the scene, we are at the point where we feel we have something of real heart and value to add, not only to our show, but the American reggae scene as a whole. We are musicians… why not put out some damn good music!?” I couldn’t have said it better myself. 

With the release of “High With You” featuring Little Stranger, Badfish is embarking on an exciting new chapter in their musical journey. The decision to create and release original music adds depth and creativity to their already exceptional performances. Their ability to capture the soul and enthusiasm of Sublime, while simultaneously bringing their unique sound to the table has endeared them to fans worldwide. Now, with their own compositions taking centerstage, Badfish is primed to make an even more significant impact. Keep an eye out for their new releases and don’t miss the chance to experience Badfish’s infectious energy live onstage!

Badfish – “High With You”, feat. Little Stranger

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