Massif releases large amount of music, including ‘Trials’ EP

Massif releases large amount of music, including ‘Trials’ EP
Photo cred: Brittanie Stepp

Colorado has a music scene with a plethora of artists and genres ranging from country music to rock, metal, and (especially) reggae! One band we must mention here is Massif. This Denver band of proverbial brothers are making waves and doing it their way! Recording in the SOCO Sound Lab, their magic continues to flow with good vibes and absolute authenticity.

Their style of dub is a funk and reggae fusion — a ‘massif’ difference from the rest of the bands in the scene.

Sharing stages with Katchafire, The Wailers, Tribal Seeds, Collie Buddz, The Movement, Eek-A-Mouse, and many more, there is nothing stopping this band’s drive and tenacity. These gents are passionate and have a stage presence that is unforgettable. Their most recent singles “Level Up“ and “Dub Smuggla”, in conjunction with their EP debut Trials, are sending smoke signals into the American reggae sky for fans near and far to notice.

One song I want to mention is “Cali Heart, created as a collaboration with roots reggae band Arise Roots. With hearts on their sleeves, Massif brings a melodic groovy blend to the track, with drums, trumpets, and super smooth vocals giving a hypnotic vibe.

“The song was inspired by the Colorado/Cali connection to show more love to others,” explains Massif members.

That is the true modus operandi of this band… connecting the movement instead of proliferating reggae’s geographical subsections. In this sense, the band stands as an inspiration to us all!

More songs to mention are “Dub Smuggla” and “Level Up” featuring Dread Kennedy. The former has fast and catchy lyrical content, easily able to rise to the top of any reggae lover’s playlist. It offers up motivational statements, layered with instruments that create an audible, almost multidimensional canvas to traverse. The latter is an equally catchy song, with a constant, rhythmic beat for dance party ambiance; its mixed vocals will keep you enticed every second, too!

Massif capitalizes on these singles with their Trials EP: a nice collection of groovy reggae songs that blend dancehall dub style with guitars and laidback oceanic sounds. This five-song EP is undeniably concentrates the band’s enthusiasm and raw talent. My favorite is “Naughty Water”, with strong lyrics laid down with conviction, demanding a tremendous feeling of rebellion. Sounds like a fun night out to me! The EP ends with “Denver Soca”, a surf rock-reggae blend that fills the room with uplifting energy and excitement. Check the other songs “Work Sleep Work” and “Give Me Love”, too as you check out Massif from the mountains!

Massif – “Level Up” feat. Dread Kennedy

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Cover photo by Brittanie Stepp

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