Suburban Legends ‘Forever in the Friendzone’ album review

What more can be said about the Southern California band Suburban Legends besides how fun, rocking, and entertaining these guys are? Well, since they just released their latest album, Forever in the Friendzone on June 2nd, there is plenty more to be said on their zany, youthful, and FUN music.

To start, this album was obviously planned out. Somewhere during some time, these guys sat around together and decided they wanted to take their fans back to the times of good ol’ high school days.

How could one not smile while listening to this album?

First, the album starts with an acoustic tribute to simply pondering one’s life and love. When their true sound comes out within the first song, fans have to get excited! The true ska, those apparent horns, and the style that is Suburban Legends must be what draws most, if not all of their fans to them. We here at Top Shelf Reggae have no doubt about that.

Immediately, listeners are back in high school when listening to “S L High.” Then, any adolescent can and will relate to the title track, “Forever in the Friendzone,” while any true fan will enjoy the impeccable skanking rock music. In the meantime, newbie listeners will most likely wonder how such a long-running band could have so much energy and sense of humor. In this case, the music obviously keeps each band member young and promising!

In any case, one cannot deny the use of drums, guitar, and horns as an elixir of ska mixed with some pop. This album, reportedly funded by Suburban Legends fans, is definitely a musical journey of youthfulness, rock, and straight entertainment. How could one not smile while listening to this album? Talk about warp-zoning back in time to those days when one felt more free and alive!

The songs, “Thank you for Being a Friend”, “Everything’s OK,” “Saturday Night,” “Warrior,” “Money” and “Love Song” pretty much sum up the band’s incredible journey this time around in Forever in the Friendzone. Thank you, guys, for quite the journey! Let’s party someday!

For more information on these guys, check out the Suburban Legends website.

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Forever in the Friendzone track listing

  1. Doing It With You
  2. S L High
  3. Forever in the Friendzone
  4. Making Out
  5. Thank You for Being a Friend
  6. Everything’s OK
  7. Leave Me Alone
  8. Runaway
  9. Saturday Night
  10. Warrior
  11. Money
  12. Love Song
  13. Favorite Face
  14. Worry On My Mind

Suburban Legends “Forever in the Friendzone” official lyric video

Suburban Legends • Release date: June 2, 2015

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