Swedish singer Tove Lo releases new single “Borderline”

Swedish singer Tove Lo releases new single “Borderline”

We are lost in the magic as Tove Lo released another hit after her Dirt Femme album release from October 2022. 

Lo described the song as “The drama you cause inside yourself and with another person if you feel insecure. You test them. This song has existed for a long time and I’ve always felt it was incredibly special so getting to release it now has sort of a full circle feeling. Maybe that’s why it was the perfect song for Annie’s revenge video. I hope my fans love the bizarre love story that unfolds in this video, it’s my favorite kind of thing!”

The record starts off with a catchy bass rhythm and beat. Lo starts singing in a monotone voice with “Good people do bad things too / Pretend they don’t know, but they do / It takes one to know you’re mine / You and me, we are one of a kind, it’s true.” 

Lo’s voice changes with a faster and upbeat tempo. Then with the chorus, the song explodes with “Tonight, for the rest of my life / I’m gonna be stuck on you / Hold on ’til I’m makin’ it right / No other love felt like you / I can’t give it up on this fight/I cross my heart and hope to die, borderline!” 

The tempo is fast, catchy, and real. The lyrics of this song are heavy and we love it. Being in the edge or borderline of love can be dangerous. 

This record was also co-written by Dua Lipa. Before the record was released, Lo released a snippet of the record on Twitter. She gave a lovely shout out to Dua Lipa and explained, “Tons of love to Dua Lipa for trusting me with this baby. This is the very first song we wrote together and the very start of our friendship so this feels extra special. Now everybody hold your breath…”

Meanwhile, on Lipa’s instagram story she said, “The first day Tove Lo and I got into the studio we wrote this song and I am so excited for it to come out into the world!!!”

Watch the official music video here:

Tove Lo is currently on tour, stopping by in North America, Mexico, South America, and Europe.

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