The Revivalists drop new single “Kid” out today

The Revivalists drop new single “Kid” out today

Multiplatinum eight-piece rock n’ roll collective The Revivalists released their new single “Kid” on February 15th, a hope-fueled anthem that invokes the zest for life, encourages self-belief, and drives personal catharsis. The band is also announcing their highly anticipated fifth studio album Pour It Out Into The Night, with a release date of June 2nd via Concord Records. “Kid”, which is the lead track off the album, is all about “living for the spirit now” as the song’s post-chorus shouts from the rooftops.

It is a song that is driven by an infectious melody and a sneaky piano that peeks its way through behind bright acoustic guitars, all culminating in extremely intricate layers of the band’s distinctive instrumentation, all of which power a euphoric chorus. 

The single is also accompanied by a music video, which was directed by Johnny Chew, and believe me when I say that it is an awesome display of creativity. It’s artful, eye-popping, and utilizes stop-motion animation to portray the band against a variety of different backdrops, all of which pay homage to the architectural uniqueness and artistic aesthetics that define the band’s hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana. “‘Kid’ is about capturing the essence of life,” says vocalist/guitarist David Shaw. “We all go through ups and downs. Sometimes, we don’t believe in ourselves. We’ve got skeletons in the closet trying to drag us down. But you’ve got to believe in yourself. You’ve just got to live for the spirit. Nothing good ever comes easy. If you don’t have hope, what do you have?” 

Guitarist Zack Feinberg shares, “David and I wrote the bulk of ‘Kid’ on January 6, 2021. My wife was one month pregnant with our twins and also we were getting real-time updates on the insurrection at the Capitol, there was a lot of intense energy swirling around us that day as we were trying to stay focused on this exciting, beautiful thing we were channeling.” 

As the world seemingly devolved into chaos around us over the past few years since their last album, Take Good Care, personal experiences and life challenges amassed quickly, with band members having their first children, getting married, and navigating the mental hurdles of lockdown, which was a new and unexpected challenge we all had to overcome. Throughout 2020, the band wrote and recorded while David created many of the demos that would begin to lay the foundation for Pour It Out Into The Night. The process for this new album was probably the most self run and self contained to date. The Revivalists spent countless hours crafting the music between themselves before bringing it to a producer. Writing and working harder than ever to produce such singles as “Kid”, they laid down demos in their practice space in New Orleans before the band stole away to the magical backdrop of Vermont in 2022. The plan was simple: to get all of the recording done for the new record in two weeks in the dead of winter with GRAMMY Award-winning producer Rich Costey [Muse, Foster the People, Death Cab for Cutie] guiding the way. 

As if that wasn’t consuming enough, The Revivalists also recently established their philanthropic umbrella fund, Rev Causes, that supports a variety of organizations dedicated to investing in our communities, our health, and our environment. By donating a portion of ticket sales, through fan donations, and a variety of other fundraising efforts, the band assists multiple national and local organizations in building a better future and helping to revive once flourishing communities.

Even after experiencing multiplatinum success, more than 800 million streams, major media praise, and numerous national television performances, The Revivalists are back to show the world they are anything but complacent with the accolades. Pour It Out Into The Night is available for preorder now, with each pre-order including an instant download of the exciting and invigorating new lead single “Kid.” You can also stream “Kid” on all platforms now. 

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