Tatanka drops “Love Is Medicine” single

Colorado-based band Tatanka is at it again, with all the bells and whistles coming out of the woodwork with their new single, “Love Is Medicine”. And, what would woodwork be without trees? Tatanka strikes a 420-friendly stance, layering even their most pop-influenced tracks with trippy, stoner dub and psychedelic sound effects. Back to that in a second. Sticks and stemming from critical acclaim as early as 2011, the Tatanka boys hit it big with their premiere self-titled album in 2014 and have hit the road ever since. Now three years later, the band is ready to debut some fresh jams to feed their semi-starved following. Fans get a first taste of Tatanka new music with “Love Is Medicine”, planned to satiate the masses this November 10th off Roots Musician Records. Raise of hands – who’s got the munchies for Tatanka tunes??

Raise of hands – who’s got the munchies for Tatanka tunes??

We thought so. “Love Is Medicine” is about to be available on all digital outlets, so we’re going to tell you why it’s hot. Let’s preheat that oven (yes, more food analogies because you’re about to take one giant rip of awesome straight to the dome). The track showcases Tatanka’s love of mixing Caribbean rootsy riddims with electro synth like never before; it literally is a compilation of ALL SOUND. You’ve got echo. You’ve got Auto-Tune. You’ve got 80’s style synth keys and a bubble organ and a dubstep backbeat. Every element of the song is stitched together to tickle your brain. If the track was a weed strain, it would be Grand Daddy Scout Master OG Kush Berry Skunk Crack Widow Wreck. And, it would be a hybrid. Sound aside, the lyrics are just as green with “elevate your mind” being the central concept. The repeating “Girrl, I need your loving” in the chorus could be talking about a Mary or a Mary Jane… although all signs point to a literal POT-hole in Tatanka’s heart. Regardless the subject of Tatanka’s affection, one thing is certain: they sure love coming home from a long tour stretch to this “medicine”.

With an east coast Love Is Medicine Tour in their recent past, the band has returned home for what seems like a holiday hiatus. There are a few local shows around Denver for Tatanka fans to look forward to early next year, though! And, speaking of next year, this single points toward big things for the band in 2018. For more information on Tatanka, visit www.tatankadub.com.

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