The Alarm’s ‘Forwards’: a triumph of resilience & renewal

The Alarm’s ‘Forwards’: a triumph of resilience & renewal

Few bands have withstood the test of time through their musical journey and still sound as good as The Alarm. In their latest studio release, Forwards, The Alarm delivers a powerful and emotionally-charged album that is a testament to their enduring spirit and unwavering determination. Marking their return to the forefront of the rock scene, the Welsh rock veterans showcase their ability to evolve while staying true to their signature sound, crafting an album that resonates with both longtime fans and newcomers alike.

Frontman Mike Peters has shown incredible strength and resilience in his fight against leukemia.

Facing a daunting battle, he faced the disease head-on with unwavering determination and spirit. During his treatment, Peters wrote and leaned on music and creativity to help get him through the torturous process. In between hospitalizations, Peters and his bandmates went into the studio with producer George Williams to create the bands 20th studio album. Throughout his journey, Peters has become a beacon of hope and inspiration for others, using his platform to raise awareness about cancer, creating the Love, Hope, Strength Foundation and encouraging others to never give up. With the support of his bandmates, family, and fans, Mike Peters has shown that even in the face of adversity, the power of music and the human spirit can triumph. This spirit and his journey serve as the overarching theme of Forwards: a reminder to cherish each moment and never take life for granted.

From the opening track, it becomes clear that The Alarm is not here to dwell on the past but to push forward, embracing the present with unyielding passion. Forwards serves as a sonic journey through themes of resilience, hope, survival, and growth. Peters’ distinctive vocals, brimming with raw emotion, serve as a driving force that carries the album’s powerful messages.

Songs like “The Returning”, “Next”, and “Whatever” encapsulate The Alarm’s ability to blend infectious hooks with poignant lyrics, creating anthems that inspire and uplift. These tracks are marked by addicting guitar riffs, driving rhythms, and powerful choruses that demand listener participation.

The album also showcases The Alarm’s penchant for introspective ballads.

The track “Love and Forgiveness” demonstrates Peters’ ability to convey vulnerability and introspection with poetic lyrics and stripped-down arrangements, though this sentiment is clear throughout the entire album. The moment offers a respite from the album’s more energetic tracks, allowing listeners to reflect on the profound themes of the album.

One of the standout tracks on the album is title track, “Forwards”; with its soaring melodies and impassioned lyrics, it serves as a rallying cry for perseverance in the face of adversity. The song’s lavish energy and catchy chorus make it an instant standout, destined to become a live favorite.

The production on “Forwards” is crisp and polished, providing a modern edge while retaining the raw intensity that has defined The Alarm’s sound since their early days and, yes, there is the iconic harmonica throughout.

The album’s dynamic range is a testament to the band’s musical maturity and the skilled craftsmanship of their production team.

Forwards encapsulates The Alarm’s legacy, while propelling them into a new era. It serves as a reminder that, even after decades in the industry, this band still has something important to say. With its heartfelt lyrics, infectious hooks, and dynamic performances, Forwards is a triumphant return that cements The Alarm’s place as one of rock music’s most enduring and relevant acts.

Overall, Forwards is an album that brims with passion, authenticity, and a renewed sense of purpose. It is a sonic testament to The Alarm’s resilience and their ability to find hope in the face of adversity — to never give up. Whether you’re a diehard fan or a newcomer to their music, Forwards is an album that demands attention and rewards listeners with an invigorating musical experience.

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