Kendall Bowser is dropping ‘Sober Truths’ starting with her latest single, “You Don’t Call Me”

Kendall Bowser is dropping ‘Sober Truths’ starting with her latest single, “You Don’t Call Me”

When it comes to music about heartbreak and the aftermath of relationships ending, Nashville probably does it better than anyone else. With a long storied history of sad songs it’s almost as if it’s a requirement for musicians from the music city to create the most depressing, gut wrenching songs imaginable. However, far too often, most of them get lost in a mix of repetition and overdone themes. Today however, Nashville indie folk artist Kendall Bowser has released a truly unique take on the post breakup misery in the form of her single “You Don’t Call Me”. The single tells the admittedly toxic emotional state of wanting an ex to call so badly that might relapse into alcoholism in order to call just one more time. According to Kendall, 

It really does tell the story for me – I heard that my ex was doing really well, eating well, living a healthy life, and not drinking. I wanted to play around with the idea of him not drinking and correlate that with the fact that I didn’t hear from him, and didn’t really have a reason to hear from him. The story goes into a part of me wishing that he would take another sip so that there was a chance that he’d call me again (it’s kind of toxic, I know.) 

The single is where the title of her upcoming EP Sober Truths comes from, due later this year. There’s a line in the second verse that says “now we’ll never see if drunk words turn to sober truths”. When asked to further elaborate Kendall stated: I love that there’s a few meanings to it: having all of those sobering truths that hit them after a breakup as well as the idea of playing with the correlation between not hearing from him and him not drinking anymore. 

In my personal opinion it’s one of the best songs to come out on the topic in recent memory. Her beautiful voice and creative songwriting continues to cement her as one of the rising stars in the Nashville music scene. Stay tuned for her upcoming EP Sober Truths out later this year! 

The song “You Don’t Call Me” is available everywhere you can stream music! 
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