The Atomic Age drops haunting single, “Staring at the Sun”, proving big things are in store

The Atomic Age drops haunting single, “Staring at the Sun”, proving big things are in store

The Atomic Age, also known by his formal moniker JJ Schrick, is somewhat of an enigma to the greater Nashville rock scene. Much like a mad scientist, JJ has been meticulously writing music, crafting his brand and almost lurking in the shadows before he continues to release his musical monster on the world around him. His latest offering comes to us in the form of the ethereal and haunting “Staring at the Sun”, released to all streaming platforms on May 12th.  

“Staring at the Sun” is a thought-provoking and emotionally charged track that dives deep into the current state of our culture and the overwhelming negativity that surrounds us.

When asked about the song, The Atomic Age commented:

We’re in such a divided culture (at least here in the states), and it seems like the only news you hear on TV or online is bad news. I’ve been feeling the weight of that for some time now, and wanted to share a song about it. In my humble opinion, if we don’t begin to find common ground socially, politically, and culturally, things will be far worse for future generations

Drawing inspiration from iconic acts like Radiohead and The Beatles, The Atomic Age showcases his musical prowess through lush tones and captivating melodies. It’s definitely a song that fits perfectly with a good pair of headphones and a hammock. “Staring at the Sun” transports listeners on a sonic journey that both engages the mind and tugs at the heartstrings. It is a testament to JJ’s ability to create an immersive and introspective listening experience. 

Overall, “Staring at the Sun” is an exceptional single that showcases The Atomic Age’s artistic growth and establishes him as an artist to watch, not only in Nashville but worldwide. Be sure to stream the song on your preferred music consumption platform. 

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