Algorhythm enchants listeners with newest single, “Magic”

Algorhythm enchants listeners with newest single, “Magic”

The newly formed but musically established trio, Algorhythm, is releasing their second ever single, “Magic”, and the day has come to introduce it to the world. Kyle Wareham (Three Legged Fox), Trevor Young (SOJA) and Kevin Offitzer (Stick Figure) have joined forces to branch off and explore new avenues of their craft and create some genre-blurry tunes to keep that playlist freshened up with new, original music. 

 “The roots of this project run deep, years in the making. We’re all very excited about  what’s to come. Everyone is already successful in their own way, which makes this project very easy as there is no drive to “make it”. Nothing is over-thought, we just do as we feel and try to be as creative as possible when we are together,” the guys explained. “You can expect to hear lots of genre blending coming from Algorhythm.

This being their second song to put out there, the group is still in their infancy and it’s hard to pin them to a genre yet (if at all), and that’s exactly what they’re going for. 

Their first single is a tale of love and livin’ the good life set to a more familiar reggae beat, while “Magic” has a bit of a different story to tell and a very contrasting musical side. 

We are focused on writing and producing songs that make people feel good, and provide a soundtrack to life. The first single we dropped (Good Life) was a toast to who we are as people. We wanted to set the vibe with that one, where this new single (Magic) is a pop rock anthem of sorts.” 

The song starts out very mellow, with light guitar strumming and soothing synthy sounds before the vocals kick in and the tune takes off. Wareham sings to life an account of a broken relationship going on too long, eventually becoming hip to the illusions and realizing the perceived “magic” is just smoke-and-mirror games. 

Despite the tale being told, the song itself is quite uplifting. I have to say, the drums carry this tune all the way to the end for me; Kevin Offitzer bangs the hell out of those things and makes your body want to move to the beat! Young comes in clutch towards the end with a silky guitar solo to set up one last full-strength chorus to end the song with. 

Meeting at various shows and gigs in the past, the members of Algorhythm have been intertwined for a number of years, being pulled together as a formal band by good friend and now manager, Brandon Pescrille, who has also worked with all of the original bands the members are from for years leading up to this. They are set to drop a new single every month through the summer and kick out a full length album this fall, stay tuned!

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