The Ellameno Beat unleashes ‘Surface’ album

Living at the beach usually accompanies a laidback vibe – whether you’re a surfer, a sun tanner, a yogi, or a yacht clubber. American reggae bands on both coasts envelope this sun-kissed energy, placing their unique imprint on promoting peace, love, and unity in between songs about day-drinking and night-crawling. One group in particular who burst onto the scene this way is The Ellameno Beat: a five-piece, Florida-based surf band who doesn’t hesitate to pay tribute to the good life. Their inaugural 2015 EP Party Wave focused solely on fun times, which led EB to quite a loyal following across the country. Now, with the release of their first full-length, independently produced album on the horizon, The Ellameno Beat is ready to show the world a more introspective side to counterbalance their initial carefree persona.

This heady, illusory album leads listeners down a reggae rabbit hole of self-reflection…

The album is entitled Surface: a 10-track, synth-heavy LP, produced entirely in lead singer Reggie Froom’s home studio and focusing primarily on opening one’s eyes to the natural state of the world. Froom comments, “I like to think that [the album] represents the surface of the ocean, that is our massive repertoire of passionate content we are waiting to give to the world. It reinforces the notion that we are beginning this long journey with an honest commitment to see things through to the end.” And, what better way to start said journey than to dive right in to the deep end? The album opens with “Bumpy Road”, a track that welcomes the listener with a peaceful synthesizer intro, almost as if voyaging into a nomadic dreamscape. The EB boys position themselves as authorities on this sort of Inception-like mental recluse, instructing those tuning in to sit back, relax, and enjoy “the truth revealing”. Don’t like what you see? That’s alright, “our cards are already dealt”, so might as well make the most of our own individual realities by relying on one another for guidance. There’s that ‘unity’ factor mentioned above… The lead single off the album is “Muse”: an homage to how everything happens for a reason, and sometimes the person you need the most will magically manifest right in front of you. It’s all in the timing. This heady, illusory album leads listeners down a reggae rabbit hole of self-reflection, with jazz, blues, funk and EDM elements thrown in for good measure. Between muted trumpets and bumping basslines, Surface is anything but scratching the surface of how immersed The Ellameno Beat goes.

Available on all digital outlets August 11th, Surface is not only notable as the band’s premiere LP, but also as a charity drive to help others! The Ellameno Beat is dead set on leaving their mark on this world through their humanitarian side as much as their musical talent. Thus, 100% of the album’s first-month proceeds will be donated to the Mauli Ola Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving lifestyles of those battling genetic diseases. Providing hope to those in need is what the album is about, after all. Can’t wait for the album to drop? Pre-order Surface today! For more information on The Ellameno Beat or to join their cause, visit

Pre-order Surface:

Track listing:

  1. Bumpy Road
  2. One of Us
  3. Half Empty
  4. Muse
  5. Distance
  6. Momentary Light
  7. Take Me Away
  8. Used To Be
  9. Grow On
  10. Last Call (feat. Signal Fire)

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