The Dubplates ‘Box Full Of Steel’ album review

The Dubplates’ new album Box Full Of Steel is concurrently refreshing and reminiscent. The Charleston, South Carolina based group doesn’t seem to care about proving themselves as genre bending or cutting edge since their songwriting, and musical sincerity shines beyond anything real. The Dubplates is undoubtedly playing the heck out of their songs in concert, but equally important, these tunes stand alone as studio tracks. Box Full Of Steel is a musical journey with spellbinding vocals and polished instrumentals. The repertoire reaches into the arcane corners of reggae music that positively shows off the band’s musicianship.

Box Full Of Steel is a musical journey with spellbinding vocals and polished instrumentals

Climbing to iTunes #4 U.S. Top Albums upon release, Box Full Of Steel is a mix of infectious dub hooks and rapid-fire beats— some are cleaver and fun, other are just plain amazing. The second track “Uh Huh!,” is a riddim-slinging, drum-thumping track call to get up and move, while “There You Go” featuring the one an only turntablist Mix Master Mike, is a compelling and extremely dynamic piece and stands in stark contrast to The Dubplates’s more laid back songs such as “Breathe Deep”. 

Written and arranged by Big Hair (David Brisacher) and Daddy Brady (Brady Waggoner), who together created the original riddims. Big Hair also engineered and mixed the album charter and gathered all-star collaborations with heavy hitters, King Yellowman, Junior Reid, Mix Master Mike (Beastie Boys), Future Fambo, Elephant Man and Zumjay.

If you’ve ever been a fan high energy, catchy tunes, you’re doing yourself a disservice by not giving this album a listen.

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Track listing

  1. Full of Steel (Intro)
  2. Uh Huh!
  3. There You Go
  4. Beautiful
  5. Drunken Master
  6. Breathe Deep
  7. Burning Clean
  8. Good Evening
  9. Wolfman
  10. John Crow Bullet
  11. Hold Em in da Road
  12. Playing with Fire
  13. Ring of Fire

The Dubplates “Uh Huh!” lyric video

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Release Date: June 23, 2017 • Copyright: ℗© 2017 Chalicetown LLC / VPAL Music

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