‘The Inevitables Versus The Youth City Sound System’ dub EP review

‘The Inevitables Versus The Youth City Sound System’ dub EP review

This story is about a place not too far from where you are, in a time not so distant from the time you’re in now, where a bunch of nobodies from Florida get together to try and save the world. It focuses on a time when a “cure for death” has been discovered and is being pushed by Big Pharma. Of course, there is one additional ingredient needed to further divide the mega wealthy and the working class when it comes to receiving this remarkable remedy — the hefty price tag that comes along with it. Unfortunately for them, it’s time Big Pharma got a reality check. It’s time they learn that playing God has consequences. It’s time they learn that Death is Inevitable.

This unique and creative vision came from the minds of former Less Than Jake drummer Vinnie Fiorello, Westbound Train frontman Obi Fernandez and Alex Stern (of Big D And The Kids Table) when they came together to create The Inevitables: a multimedia project, encompassing both a 22-page comic book and a full-length soundtrack of some really entertaining ska and reggae music. Lucky for us, the next component of The Inevitables’ ever-evolving world, The Inevitables Versus The Youth City Sound System is currently available for streaming now. The new dub EP consists of eight tracks that combine new songs with dubbed up remixes of tracks from their debut self-titled LP, released back in 2020. 

‘The Inevitables Versus The Youth City Sound System’ is drenched in dub from the very beginning.

The album’s first track, “The American Me (In Me)” is a celebration of the diversity of this country, while sternly shining a light on the racial issues still happening here in America. Calling for a fairer future for our society, Lynval Golding (of The Specials) kicks things off with a mighty and courageous belief: that the future of America is up to everyone, of every race, religion, sexual identity, political ideology and even people who put pineapple on their pizza (yes, it’s a topping). The future of this nation depends on the diversity of its people. We are a nation of immigrants, whether you want to admit it or not. So, why not embrace the culture of others and come together as one? We will quickly discover we have so much more in common than we know! There seems to be a way of thinking these days that sets one against ‘the other’, when, in actuality, there is no other — there is only US. We all must come together to create “the future portrait of the American Me”. 

“The Age of Anxiety (Youth City Sound System Version)” brings up the fourth slot on the album and, I must admit, that couldn’t be a more perfect title for a song written during the age of anxiety we are living in every day. The total shift to a more reggae/dub vibe for this song, compared to its punk/ska original, in no way hurts its quality as it remains a solid jam. It still allows the listener the feeling of not being alone when it comes to the months of rage and weeks of depression that so many have dealt with lately. A question gets asked though, a question that is definitely worth pondering in your own life — “How can I be a better me?” We all have to eventually turn that page and move on to better days. 

Closing out the album, The Inevitables hit you with a super trippy, almost ethereal, original track titled “Float”.

Once the sounds of outer space elevate you to another realm, vocals to get lost in take over. One particular lyric that sticks out to me goes, “Maybe in a next life, I’ll remember this life // With 20/20 eyesight, I might have the foresight // To live my life right // To shine out my light.” It reminds me to not waste any time shining my own light out into the world, trying to do my part to make this a better world. The saxophone that comes in halfway through only adds to the dreamlike state of this dub-laced acid trip of a song. The way it floats off at the end leaves you totally satisfied as a listener and fully prepared to join these Floridian nobodies as they use art and music to save the world. 

Purchase or stream ‘Versus The Youth City Sound System’:

Track listing:

  1. The American Me (In Me)
  2. Blessings
  3. My Father – Youth City Sound System Version
  4. The Age of Anxiety – Youth City Sound System Version
  5. The American Me (In Me) – Youth City Sound System Version
  6. Blessings – Youth City Sound System Version
  7. Ft Lauderdale – Youth City Sound System Version
  8. Float

The Inevitables welcomes you to their world:

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