The Slashes says goodbye to close a friend in “Limo Tint”

The Slashes says goodbye to close a friend in “Limo Tint”

The genre of darkwave capitalizes on feelings of emptiness, apathy, and futility to sell records… but that only scratches the surface. Sure, the guitar most often pierces a post punk song layered with a hefty amount of reverb, guiding the listener through somber sounds and monotone vocals until the very end. But there are also messages of love and loss, fear and fervor, incredulousness and inner turmoil.

One darkwave band out of San Diego seizes the opportunity to be more than just a forlorn-for-the-dancefloor stereotype.

The Slashes, led by frontman Esteban Rene, comments on the toll losing a loved one takes on your mental health in their new single “Limo Tint”. With lyrics of “I want you to say I’m okay… I am alright”, it’s almost as if the song was conceived on the way to a funeral, reflecting on a friend forever gone. A limo represents power and prowess — not your average vehicle — yet it has tints on its windows to keep people from seeing inside. Like a person in mourning, presented perfectly on the outside, a complete mess can be happening inside without you ever seeing it. It’s no secret why people wear sunglasses at funerals.

Commenting on the song, The Slashes dedicates it to their lost friend, Tza. “It’s written in her perspective,” Rene states, “saying goodbye and reassuring us it’s OK.” Recorded and mixed in Los Angeles by Manny Neito at Chávez Ravine and mastered by Dave Gardner, the single is officially out everywhere as an independent release. Be the first to hear it below and make sure to follow this promising band for more!

The Slashes – “Limo Tint”

Cover photo by Jose Zuniga

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