The Steppas ‘To You From We’ album review

Less than two years since their first self titled EP release, the latest and first full length album from the five man Hawaiian crew, The Steppas, dropped last week titled To You From We. Like any other exceptional album review, we put the latest studio album from The Steppas under a sizable microscope and examine the intricacies and point out certain obvious flaws. What surprised us the most about this album was the absolute lack of issues to really gripe about.  The downright sleek contours comprised throughout the 13 track album intensify with each verse and after each chorus, leaving you in a state of complete satisfaction. Hearing the rich and razor-sharp melodies which ravel neatly with the warm vocal tones of Rick Star and Na’ea Kaopua fosters a sense of comfort and excitement the very second the island rhythms reach your ears, which is difficult to explain.

The overall sleekness and intensity of the tracks remains constant throughout the album

To You From We is a beautifully constructed album. It’s built around sturdy, tried and true island rhythms, with both feet firmly planted on the ground, giving both Rick and Na’ea a solid foundation in which to sing upon. The overall sleekness and intensity of the tracks remains constant throughout the album.  The introduction of horns and a bit of ska that’s sprinkled amongst some of the tracks around the album was a bit of a welcomed surprise that seemed to enhance the album’s energy and overall magnitude of the compositions. It’s no wonder that the album is sitting quite nicely at #2 on the Billboard Reggae Charts and debuted at #1 on iTunes opening day.

To You From We might start off sounding a bit like The Steppas previous recordings, but by the time the closing track “Meditation” comes around, you’ll be nodding your head with a strange satisfaction, and ultimately replaying the album from start to finish again, much like we did here at Top Shelf Reggae.

In conjunction with the album release, The Steppas have been extremely active promoting the new release performing around their hometown with Natty Vibes and Hot Rain. The crew will also be packing up their bags shortly and hitting the road with New Kingston and Through the Roots for their Spring Rising Tour leading up to the California Roots Festival 2014 in May.

For more information about The Steppas, please visit the band’s brand new website.

To You From We track listing

The Steppas - To You From We
  1. No Matter What They Say
  2. Love Tune
  3. Love Won’t Last
  4. Empress Love
  5. Da Band
  6. Lost At Sea
  7. Off Tomorrow
  8. If We Try
  9. Calling
  10. Loving Feeling
  11. To You from We
  12. Note to Babylon
  13. Meditation

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“Empress Love” acoustic video

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