True Press ‘Anything is Possible’ album review

“Bring people together, rise up, unite and enjoy life!” is the simple, yet compelling message coming from the six piece progressive reggae band straight out of Southern California. True Press has had a rough uprising in their hometown, “borrowing” electricity from their neighbor’s home to power the jam sessions that took place in an abandoned house. With these challenges, the band understood that they had the drive and capacity to create something good from it. Since forming officially in 2009, the group produced and released a large handful of studio tracks, which happened to sit very well in the reggae charts. In the years that followed, True Press has refined the stylistic layers that gloriously lead up to their latest, and first full studio album release titled Anything is Possible.

The impressive artistic inertia from True Press doesn’t seem to end here

The myriad of hefty lyrics on Anything is Possible ride a line between pride in their own struggle and inspirational, uplifting empowerment to those who are wearing the same “weathered shoes” they once did. The lush bass coming from Johnny combined with the guiding hands from drummer K.P make for a great foundation for the band’s staple harmonizing vocals.  Sprinkle in the guitar, keys, horns and a dash of E.N. Young, and you’ve got yourself a solid album.

The impressive artistic inertia from True Press doesn’t seem to end here, and we here at Top Shelf Reggae are extremely excited to see what else these Southern California locals will bring to the table on future releases. The album maneuvers at a momentum decidedly faster than anything on their prior recordings, suggesting that, yes, anything is possible.

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Track listing

  1. Lovely Situation
  2. Anything Is Possible
  3. Be Alright
  4. Getaway (featuring Empress Selassie)
  5. Won’t Let Go
  6. Real Eyes, Realize, Real Lies
  7. These Things
  8. Wake up Cry
  9. Soul Rebel
  10. These Things Dub (E.N Young)    
  11. Anything Is Possible Dub (Joey Hawaiiantist Muraoka)

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True Press Anything is Possible album promo

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