Tizane comments on electrifying new album, ‘Forever is Nothing’

Tizane comments on electrifying new album, ‘Forever is Nothing’

UK alternative rock group Tizane hits international stardom with next-level sound in their latest release, Forever is Nothing. With vocals echoing a signature sound and unique vibes, Tizane is truly a phenomenon to behold. The fearless crew steers their journey to their own rhythm, their music flowing with compelling lyrics and hypnotic riffs.

The allure stems also from bright and beautiful frontwoman, Tizane.

Yes, this is her name… the perfect name for a band, don’t you think!? From start to finish, the album Forever is Nothing is catchy, taking listeners on a voyage filled with both darkness and enlightening moments. The vocals and rich, heavy sound is reminiscent of Siouxsie and The Banshees or Kate Bush. 

The new album includes credits to former Mud guitarist Rob Davis (more details below!!). Tizane has also carved out some time to collaborate with Eater frontman Andy Blade, whose star-studded solo project is planned for a release next year.

‘Forever is Nothing’ fulfills all cravings.

From “Who’s Gonna Hurt Me Now” and “When the Ravens Leave” is more than I can comment on… This ethereal majestic trip through the eyes of Tizane is a magical place. The entire album will blow any music-addicted minds! As some of the most intriguing talent currently hailing from the UK, we had the pleasure of getting to know Tizane to see what she and her bandmates are all about.   

We love your vibes over here in the states! Can you tell us a little about yourself? 

  • Tizane: I’m 21 years old and born and bred in the Kentish borders of Southeast London, England.
  • I started out as a solo singer-songwriter, but playing live was difficult in terms of audience engagement. I decided to form a band and was lucky enough to be introduced to my bass player, Nathan Gordon, who is quite simply on another level. Through him came Charlie Harris — my very own Van Halen — and Greg Titmarsh, the best drummer in Britain!! We’ve been together about a year, writing and performing… just kind of creating a sound and a sense of self. We have become great friends and soulmates.
  • Life is very comfortable. Before the band, I was writing and producing Logic and making introspective ballads. The band took me away from that and we somehow morphed into a far edgier entity — less Phoebe Bridgers and more Hayley Williams. I’m still penning introspective lyrics, but now you can mosh to them. LOL.

My fave on the album is “Why Not Me”. How did this track and others come to life?

  • Glad you like it! I’m pretty much with you on that. Oddly enough, it was one of those songs that all but gate-crashed the party. At the beginning of this particular rehearsal, it didn’t exist and by the end, it did. It was so unapologetic and full of angst; we all knew it had to become part of our life. It’s so great to perform and so often I find my eyes tearing up with a raw sense of anguish.
  • The title track [of the album], “Forever is Nothing”, was playlisted for four weeks on national radio (BBC) and developed its own fanbase. When we perform it, we have the whole audience singing it back to us. That is so weird and wonderful. We have this concept, that our songs are part beauty and part beast, and maybe the song on the album that most clearly delivers on that is “When the Ravens Leave”: this is a lengthy song which shifts between mournful ballad and death metal mosher.
  • Also featured on the album is a song called “Every Minute”, which I really love, but holds its own unbelievable back story.

Tell us about your live shows…

  • We have, for entirely mischievous reasons, opted to pepper our live performance with ‘unlikely’ covers. No Siouxsie or PJ Harvey’s for us. It must be Kylie [Minogue] and Britney. Anyway, we cultivated a real headbanger version of Kylie’s “Can’t Get You Out of My Head”, which was written by former Mud guitarist, Rob Davis. One night at a gig in London, to my horror, Rob actually turned up to see what I’d done to his megahit! I hid down in the loo, so no one would find me and drag me onstage… but the show went on. Amazingly, Rob came up to me afterward, congratulated me and asked if I would consider doing a co-write with him!!  Well, that’s what we did, and “Every Minute” was born.
  • In the past few weeks, we shot a full-on video for our new song, “I’m Not Her”, which also sits well under our beauty and beast umbrella… probably more former than latter. The shoot afforded me my first chance to direct so, for that reason, the song has become very special to me.

As a female artist, do you feel your perspectives of the music industry differ from men?

  • Well, to be fair, it feels like the modern industry has become far more diverse and inclusive, which can only be a good thing. I feel that the focus has moved far more on to the music, as opposed to the race, creed, or gender of the artist. This surely is how it should be. Let’s sell music — not stereotypes. On the downside, there does seem to be an almost quantum disconnect between aspiring artists and the industry. This is a bridge that needs to be repaired.

What do you think is the greatest challenge of pursuing a career in music in this modern age? 

  • It’s incredibly expensive and provides for a very unwelcome equation. Do I spend less time on music and more time at work? Which would allow me to afford to do what I’m doing, but no actual time to do it? Or, do I do less work and starve whilst I’m gigging? Answers on a postcard please.
Photo cred: Ellie Miller

What inspires your songwriting? 

  • It can be anything really. Sometimes, I can just hear someone whistling a tune and it will plant a solid lyric line or a guitar riff in my head, and I’ll rush off to flesh it out. Anything can trigger a song. I’ve even had things come to me in dreams and I’ve woken up and voice noted them on my computer in the middle of the night. Most of my songs are about relationships and, very often, pretty unsuccessful ones at that. I always say to people they’re tales of love and loss, but slightly more loss than love.

Touring love or dislikes? 

  • I love being in the van with everyone. It’s a real ‘road trip’ mentality — very exciting. Mind you, our new van is fully electric and never actually gets to where we’re going so, we spend most of life parked up at supercharge points. Glam!

What artists inspire you ? 

  • I don’t have a hard-and-fast style preference, really. I just hear something and like it. It can be anything from Snoop Dogg to Pink Floyd. I’m currently listening to Paramore-type stuff, because I guess it’s where we’ve parked our tanks right now. Next year, who knows?

What is one crazy tour or show story? 

  • I’ve always had this wholly irrational fear and hatred of wasps… or indeed anything which may or may not be a wasp. Recently, we were appearing at a fairly sizable (by our standards) festival and a wasp-like creature flew up to me in mid-song. I just freaked. I couldn’t just be cool, no, I had to go full-on psycho crazy and I was running round the stage, trying to batter this poor creature away with my Fender. Hilariously, the guys just kept on playing and the crowd thought it was part of the show and gave us a massive scream up!

That’s brilliant! So where do you see yourselves in five years?

  • I hope that things work out for us and that we find our way. For me, success would look like the ability to live my life as a musician. If I can achieve that, I’ll be a happy bunny. Anything more than that, I’ll be an ecstatic bunny!

I have no doubt Tizane will continue to soar and I cannot wait to see what happens next! 

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