Top Shelf chats about latest single, “Miles Away” ft. Marlon Asher

Top Shelf chats about latest single, “Miles Away” ft. Marlon Asher

From Ukiah, California, the reggae rock band Top Shelf is back in your face with something fresh for you to groove down on. No, Top Shelf isn’t related to us although we think they have a SWEET name. Dropping tunes since 2002, “Miles Away” is the latest heater to come out of their camp, aimed straight at your sound system. 

The song is a big dedication to the reggae DJs of the world.

It’s a tough gig selecting the choicest music to get the vibe right and making sure it’s heard by the people (the louder the better!). Mixed by the best, E.N Young added his touch at Imperial Sound Studios in San Diego, polishing the track to a mirror-finish. Increasing the heat, Marlon Asher grabs a spot on the track to throw down some lyrics and share his love for the bass and treble when the selecta plays!

There is no doubt these cats know how to put a captivating melody together and have been doing it for over two decades now. “Miles Away” is a huge reggae vibe from a group well-versed in multiple genres and styles of music-making, and the homage that the song pays to deejay culture is admirable in its own right. The band has a new album in the works looking to drop early next year, so be sure and give them a follow to stay in the loop!

I caught up with Top Shelf to get a little insight about the single:

The tune is a jam, for starters! I love the energy it brings. How did the song idea come about?

  • TS: I wanted to write a heavy song for all the deejays out there; thinking about their place in reggae music and how important they are in spreading the genre. Thinking about the old-school sound clashes and the bumping systems they use to put together. I bet you could hear that shit from miles away.

That’s a pretty kickass reason to write a song! Deejays need love, too! And you got the “Ganja Farmer” on the track! How did he end up in the mix? Did you have him in mind for this one when writing it?

  • I knew I wanted a guest on the track but wasn’t sure who. I met Marlon at the Dry Diggings festival last year and watched his set. I knew after seeing him perform he would kill it on the track. I hit him up about it later and he was super down. We’ll be dropping the music video for the song soon and he’s featured in it, as well. Great and talented dude!

Anything you can spill about the new album? Got a projected date in mind or is it still too early to tell?

  • We’re almost done with all the tracking for it. Should be able to send the rest of it to E.N Young to mix in a couple weeks. We will probably keep releasing singles until the first of next year when we will drop the entire album and do some more touring behind it. So stoked to have E.N Young doing the mixing! He brings such a high vibration to the sound!

And last, but not least … any shout-outs, special thanks, or mentions you’d like to add?

  • Big love to all the selectas out there, doing it all for the love! This one’s for them! And of course all the fans; this is our first release of new music in over 10 years and we’re happy they’ve stuck with us!

Big ups to the Top Shelf gang for this high-energy, feel-good production, ready to wake up your speakers and get you singing out loud. Give it a stream today and if you’re on the west coast, catch them on tour with The Original Wailers through mid-October! 

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Disclaimer: All views presented in this album review are those of the reviewer and not necessarily those of Top Shelf Music.

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