davvn’s “Care Less” destined for your next playlist

davvn’s “Care Less” destined for your next playlist

It’s been an awesome year of music for alternative pop duo davvn. After a successful string of singles which include “2002”, “Depressed in Heaven” and “Anybody Else?” The band continues to expand their repertoire of hits with their latest single, “Care Less.” This track serves as a passive-aggressive anthem for those who strive to people please but often hold back their thoughts when dealing with self-centered friends. Drawing influences from pop-punk and rock icons like Avril Lavigne and Charlotte Sands, as well as incorporating hyper-pop and electronic elements akin to Brakence, “Care Less” offers a truly dynamic musical experience.

“Care Less” isn’t just a song; it’s a captivating and empowering composition that extends its hand to individuals who’ve grappled with the need to sever ties with friendships that tend to be detrimental to one’s sanity. Lead singer McCall Bliss starts the song off with a powerful lyrical statement “I wish you’d take your shoes off before you walk all over me”. Ultimately painting a picture of a toxic interpersonal dynamic and how she as an individual “could care less” about this other person and the way they behave.

The song emerges as the quintessential anthem for those who’ve had their fill of exploitation.

Mastering the social media game in a very short time the band continues to find success on platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Which certainly helps promote the sound that has made them a staple of the current Nashville alternative music scene. Often playing to packed venues, their distinctive nostalgic sound is a magnet for old and new generations of music lovers. With numbers continually increasing, It might sound repetitive and cliche to say but things are only going to get better for davvn. 

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