Trivium to release ‘In The Court Of The Dragon’ album

Trivium to release ‘In The Court Of The Dragon’ album

Why are dragons so good at making music? Because, they really know their scales!! In celebration of their upcoming tenth studio album, In The Court Of The Dragon, Trivium has announced they will be playing a special album release headlining show!! They are currently on the ‘Metal Tour of the Year’ with Hatebreed, Lamb of God and Megadeth, so this will be one of the few shows they are playing as headliner this year. This special show will take place at The Beacham in the band’s hometown of Orlando, FL on October 14th. Having just released a killer album in early 2020, What The Dead Men Say, fans are already eager for more Trivium!

The band definitely didn’t waste any quarantine time and went straight to work on this album.

You can really tell exactly how much work went into this whole album with the artwork, heavy riffs and all the small details in between. The artwork for the album is actually based on a real-life painting by Mathieu Nozieres that he created with and for the band. It is a massive 60’ x 60’ oil on canvas. Having been originally painted in France, the painting has made a couple public appearances around the UK and its next stop will be at Dig Brew in Birmingham. The music video for “In The Court Of The Dragon” is a cinematic masterpiece! It is a nearly 10-minute-long short film that tells “the tale of falsehood, martyrs and madness”. If you haven’t checked it out yet, make sure to watch it below! Guitarist and back vocalist, Corey Beaulieu, gave a little insider peek into the new album, saying this new material sounds “really pissed-off”. This is the perfect vibe, cause aren’t we all just a little pissed off after this last crazy year and a half?! 

Lead singer Matt Heafy has been keeping us informed and entertained through all his behind-the-scenes streams on Twitch; he streams everything, from vocal warmups to song play-throughs to Brazilian Jit Jitzu spars and endless “deez nuts” jokes. During quarantine, the band also acquired a new HQ, ‘The Hanger’, which is an actual plane hanger that they use for practices and even filmed their “Feast Of Fire” music video in. The current singles out for the album right now are “In The Court Of The Dragon” (released on July 9th) and “Feast Of Fire” (released on August 12th). Trivium is currently one of my favorite bands, so I’m really excited for this album to drop on October 8th! So, make sure to go pre-buy and save it now!

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Track listing:

  1. X
  2. In The Court Of The Dragon
  3. Like A Sword Over Damocles
  4. Feast Of Fire
  5. A Crisis Of Revelation 
  6. The Shadow Of The Abattoir 
  7. No Way Back Just Through
  8. Fall Into Your Hands
  9. From Dawn To Decadence
  10. The Phalanx

Trivium – “In The Court Of The Dragon”

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