Tunnel Vision drops “Mess” before east coast tour

Tunnel Vision drops “Mess” before east coast tour

Tunnel Vision, the surf pop-reggae-ska-punk fusion band hailing from the charming southern California beach town of San Clemente, has once again proven their musical prowess with their latest single, “Mess”. Released less than 24 hours ago, this track showcases a departure from their usual style, bringing something fresh and invigorating to their repertoire.

Frontman Hayden Hanson’s experimental approach to songwriting has birthed a musical gem that stands out in the band’s discography.

In a statement, Hayden expressed: “It’s different than anything we’ve ever put out before. But it turned into something really dope! I was just experimenting with something outside my normal writing style and it just kind of happened. Wasn’t even sure if it was the right style for Tunnel Vision. But, then, I showed it to the guys and everyone loved it. So, we took it back to the studio and it evolved into something really sick. It’s cool! It has Jacob singing on it with me, too — that’s a first in itself.”

The risk taken in deviating from their normal writing style has undoubtedly paid off. The song’s evolution in the studio, coupled with Jacob Hernandez’s first-time collaboration in vocals, adds a layer of complexity that sets “Mess” apart from their earlier recorded works.

The lyrics of “Mess” dive into the challenges of life, presenting a raw and unfiltered narrative. With anthem-belting chorus lines like “my life’s a mess and I can’t get dressed // I’ve been taking these drugs just to rest my stress”, the song captures the struggles and coping mechanisms many listeners can relate to. The honesty in the lyrics, combined with the infectious melody, creates a song that resonates deeply.

The track’s versatility is evident as it seamlessly fits into various settings. Whether it’s playing on the drive to school, blasting through a sandy speaker on a laidback beach day, or even finding its place on the soundtrack of Hollywood’s next ‘coming of age’ movie, “Mess” proves to be a versatile and engaging piece of music.

The catchy vocalizations with energetic instrumentals make it a tune to be played on repeat.

Tunnel Vision’s lineup, consisting of Hayden Hanson (vocals, lead guitar), Jacob Hernandez (backing vocals, bass), and Vitor Vidaut (drums), showcases a strong musical connection that translates into a cohesive and dynamic sound. Each member brings their unique flair to the table, contributing to the band’s status as musical visionaries.

In the grand tradition of southern California’s beach culture, Tunnel Vision continues to be a beacon of creativity and innovation. “Mess” stands as a testament to their ability to evolve, while staying true to their roots. With its relatable lyrics, catchy melody, and the band’s signature blend of genres, “Mess” is not just a song… it’s an experience that captures the essence of Tunnel Vision’s upward journey within the music scene.

Tunnel Vision will be hitting the east coast for an upcoming tour with Artikal Sound System and Joey Harkum. Grab your tickets and some merch — you won’t regret it!

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