Underoath drops latest single, “Let Go” and teaches us to do just that

Underoath drops latest single, “Let Go” and teaches us to do just that

Let’s get down to business, Underoath is knocking it out with their latest single “Let Go”. It’s an unbelievable mind trip into multiple music dimensions, this is one you must listen to. The music appeals to all music lovers, soft, hard and industrial. There are various genres in one song, I was beyond impressed as I dissected the music.

In discussing the song, the band said, “This is the first song we completed after recording Voyeurist. It took a few different forms, but we got it to a place where we knew this is what it should be. It’s about letting go of whatever trauma or demons that might be holding you back. As hard as it is to make those decisions sometimes, I feel like we can never grow without stepping out of those toxic environments.”

Underoath joined forces with MNRK Music Group. This is the new chapter for the band and we get to watch it unfolding before our eyes. Scott Givens of MNRK shared, “when that opportunity was presented, we seized it immediately, and speaking for the entire company; we are truly honored they gave us a chance to work with them on their upcoming recordings. The band has had a remarkable career, and all of us at the MRNK Music Group can’t wait to accompany them on their next phase of it.”

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Underoath added, “Choosing who we partner with in releasing our music is always a huge decision. The team at MNRK simply rules, understands our vision, and is passionate about the music. We couldn’t be more excited and ready to work with the MNRK team to release some of our favorite work to date.”

Underoath reinvents the balance between chaos and harmony with each successive release. Their compositions are conjured from creative intensions and memorable anthems. Underoath has had a very successful music career thus far with multiple gold albums and three Grammy nominations.

The forward thinking of their sound has proven to be something quite significant especially being able to immerse themselves into such a complex genre, and music industry. Underoath continues to blow minds and share their passion for the music. The music can touch your soul, provocative lyrics, and beautifully produced sound. I think we are all ready to experience such a force in music today.

The Blind Obedience Tour with Periphery and Loathe HAS BEGUN! Not to mention the bands inclusion at the Slam Dunk Festival in the United Kingdom on May 27th-28th and the Inkcarceration Festival in Ohio on July 14th-16th.

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