Sabrina Carpenter adds four bonus tracks to deluxe edition of ’emails i can’t send fwd:’

Sabrina Carpenter adds four bonus tracks to deluxe edition of ’emails i can’t send fwd:’

Sabrina Carpenter adds four bonus tracks to the deluxe edition of her album emails i can’t send fwd:.

Recently, Sabrina Carpenter has released four brand new tracks to her critically acclaimed fifth studio album. The four tracks “opposite,” “Feather,” “Lonesome,” and “things i wish you said” are all great additions. The track that stood out the most was the pop hit “Feather.”

Sometimes during breakups, people tend to listen to sad music to cope with their loss. However, Sabrina Carpenter’s brand-new single “Feather” is the ideal music to dance and vibe to. The record is about moving on from a relationship in the best possible way. The opening lyrics kicks it off with

Oh, it’s like that / I’m your dream come true / When it’s on a platter for you.” The song later continues with “I got you blocked / After this, an afterthought / I finally cut you off

Powerful lyrics when dealing in tough relationship. It is better to let it all go. Carpenter writes beautifully that many people may have experienced. The beat is interesting beginning with her singing with electric piano, regular piano, synthesizer, kick, and bass. You can immediately tell this is going to be a bop. Her catchy chorus is the last straw.

I feel so much lighter, like a feather with you off my mind / Floating through the memories, like whatever, you’re a waste of time.”

In the outro of the catchy song, there are two different vocals from her that reminds us of the outro from Blink 182’s “Feeling This.”

Carpenter revealed in a delightful interview with Teen Vogue that the album’s title is a representation of what gave the project its impetus. “A lot of it came from the humor side of things. I would be reading it and being like, ‘Oh my god, that’s so terrible, how did I say that?’. Then it would turn into a song. Most of the songs that happened were me going like, ‘Oh my god that’s terrible I can’t say that,’ and then I say it, but for three minutes,” she explained.

Sabrina Carpenter is currently on a North American and Europe tour. For more information you can click here

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