‘World A Reggae Riddim 2019’ album review

‘World A Reggae Riddim 2019’ album review

With combinations of sweet harmonies and rhythmic grooves, reggae is music that, generally speaking, contains socially conscious messages and music set to distinctive Caribbean back beats. Although reggae has become synonymous with laidback and chill vibes, it is just as often thoroughly spiritual and passionately political. From the angelic rhythms of 1970s roots reggae to the modern grooves of dancehall, the music of Jamaica has also been sonically fearless from the very early beginnings.

Polish music producer Krystian “K-Jah” Walczak (of K-Jah Sounds) understands this and has teamed up with World A Reggae co-founder, Danny Creatah, to create a compilation appropriately titled World A Reggae Riddim. This collection contains 11 tracks, featuring a diverse mix of artists and veterans such as Luciano, Warrior King, Lutan Fyah and Bushman, as well as the exquisite voices of two beautiful female artists, Tamika and Vanessa Bongo. Other guests include Runkus, Christos DC, Droop Lion, Kamau Imhotep and Polish band Etna Kontrabande.

People from any culture and background can appreciate it as reggae is a universal language that everyone can embrace.

There are a handful of standout songs on this album that have their own recognizable traits. Opening track “Story of My Life” from Luciano features strong vocals, which is isn’t a surprise from this veteran. “Power Ignite” from Vanessa Bongo includes a chorus that majestically mixes elegance with an intense melody. But, if you were starting to think this is an open and shut album, you were wrong. There is a strong undercurrent of classic reggae melodies and dreary soundscapes complimented by fierce vocal work.

“The aim for this authentic rootsy riddim was to voice some veterans in the business, as well as to show the skills of some upcoming artists,” the producer explained.

World A Reggae Riddim had two milestones: the first was a vinyl premiere on September 1st, followed by the digital release on October 1st. Since its release, the album has garnered overwhelming reviews and support. This album represents music as its most exuberant and lyrical. People from any culture and background can appreciate it as reggae is a universal language that everyone can embrace. It is a seamlessly packaged and worthwhile testament to the longevity of reggae music.

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Track listing

  1. Story of My Life – Luciano
  2. These Are The Days – Bushman
  3. Sing Another Psalm – Warrior King
  4. Chant Jah – Lutan Fyah
  5. Spiritual Wealth – Tamika & Gentleman
  6. The Apple – Runkus
  7. Archetype – Kamau Imhotep
  8. Power Ignite – Vanessa Bongo
  9. Reggae Music – Droop Lion
  10. Don’t Forget My Love – Etna Kontrabande
  11. Self Evident – Christos DC
  12. World A Reggae Riddim 2019 Version – K-Jah Sound

World A Reggae Riddim Mix

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