ZeeCeeKeely debuts with ‘Fightahs & Unitahs’ album

ZeeCeeKeely debuts with ‘Fightahs & Unitahs’ album

Blazing out of the Arizona desert, reggae band ZeeCeeKeely is making their debut in a tremendous way with their first full-length album, Fightahs & Unitahs. Featuring 10 original tracks, ZCK is spreading the message of love and respect from the outset. Having played in multiple local bands growing up, lead singer (and band namesake) Zachary C. Keely decided to break away and form his own project, gathering together all the talent he needed to continue sharing his passion — souls just as dedicated as he to peace, unity and reggae music. With an epic fusion of solid, strong drums, silky saxophones and traditional roots guitar riffs, ZeeCeeKeely is emerging from the Tucson music scene as a force to be reckoned with, setting speakers on fire with Fightahs & Unitahs.

The first thing that is impossible not to notice is the album’s beautiful cover art.

The gorgeous orange and red sunset, mixed with the mighty mountains and the emerald cactus standing tall; it immediately sets the scene for this new, funky reggae sound coming out of the desert. “Beautiful Creation” starts things off with faint, forsaken winds, adding to the scene set by the album art before lighting off the vibe with a straight-up party. The drumroll and horns shoot through your soul straight to your legs, leaving your feet dancing and hips swaying. Singing directly to this “beautiful creation” we get to live on, we must do everything in our power to make sure she lasts. The beauty of this world is too precious to let slip away and this track paints that message in a stunning way. 

The third track on the album is a song called “Protest” (featuring Karim Israel) and kicks off in a somewhat chaotic and angry way… you gain an idea of the path it is going to lead the listener down. Once the chaos calms, the beautiful saxophone eases you into the message about to be delivered. Referencing the direction our society is trending and how scary that outcome seems, ZeeCeeKeely stays true to their overall message: the encouragement of equality and peace, while always fighting for your rights. “Protest” also has one of the strongest guitar solos on the entire album, almost as if the guitar is singing its own verse.

Truly powerful stuff. 

Jumping down to the album’s sixth track, the band offers up “Chant”. Sounding somewhat like old-school Rebelution, this impactful track feeds off of the message sparked by “Protest”, encouraging us to work together to repair the damages of society. “Chant” blends a simple straightforward beat that keeps your head rocking with lyrics and causes you to think nonstop through the entire song. How we can come together as one? Of course, ZeeCeeKeely doesn’t forget about the ganja smokers out there, particularly with the ninth song “Kaya”. That one is a jazz-infused reggae smash all about everyone’s favorite plant, worth vibing out too after partaking a little yourself. As a whole, Fightahs & Unitahs hits beautifully and is a perfect reflection of the times we are living in. If ZeeCeeKeely stays true to themselves and walks through the doors that this album is sure to open for them, we will most definitely be hearing from these guys again soon.  

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Track listing:

  1. Beautiful Creation, feat. Skabone Stan & Garrett OG
  2. Lion
  3. Protest, feat. Karim Israel
  4. Heavy Vibration
  5. Free the Ganja
  6. Chant, feat. K-Skunk
  7. Mercy
  8. Be True, feat. The Late Ones
  9. Kaya
  10. Collie Weed

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