CloZee unveils self-curated compilation album ‘Emergence’

CloZee unveils self-curated compilation album ‘Emergence’

French electronica goddess CloZee has teamed up with Gravitas Recordings to release her first-ever, self-curated compilation album, titled Emergence. An album that is using its lucid and atmospheric audio to push for unity by weaving the sounds of established EDM journeymen with fresh, young, emerging talent, Emergence: Curated by CloZee raises a platform for the next wave of up-and-coming artists. Released on February 26th, this 15-track collection features known artists (such as Fakear and Esseks), along with bass realm newbies like NotLö and capshun, as well as many others showing off a wide range of experience across the record. To cap off the release of the project, CloZee and friends decided to celebrate with a COVID-safe digital festival that saw other artists from the record make welcomed appearances.

With multiple albums, EPs and countless singles under her belt, CloZee is an unavoidable EDM presence and a pioneer for the genre of World Bass.

As one to never shy away from vivid and distinct sounds, French producer Chloé Herry — better known as CloZee — starts the album with an incredibly distinct and vivid experience in “Galactic Ambassador”. Teaming up with Dreamers Delight, this first track evokes something from within; it embraces its title and showers the listener with a feeling of truly becoming a “Galactic Ambassador”. A royal medieval experience is seamlessly blended with an otherworldly adventure, somewhat forcing the listener to go along with it and become this noble envoy. This spine-tingling composition feels like it belongs in a sci-fi/action film, playing behind the hero as they are seen speeding through space before being introduced to the Imperial Republic… or however you want to cosplay it. 

Let’s jump down to the eighth track on the album, “The Source”, featuring world bass regular An-Ten-Nae. Whatever “the source” is, this one takes you on a wild journey through the jungle of your soul to get you there. Opening with a single drum beat, surrounded by sounds of savage beasts and creatures of the trees, you start to follow the beat as it picks up, envisioning yourself beginning your trek through wilderness. After gaining a steady pace, the declaration of your mission is announced — find “The Source”. While getting lost in the angelic voices joining this declaration, the shifty jaguar is there to remind you where you are, dropping you and the beat back into Hell on Earth, leaving you to fend for yourself on your journey. Throughout the song, familiar tomes keep revealing themselves. A saintly guidance keeps you on your mission, while the devious onyx jaguar lurks in the shadows, bringing to mind the struggles awaiting you shall you drift astray. 

For the 14th track, a collaborative project with Bass Temple resulted in the gorgeously done “Let’s Do This”.

The simple and lovely synths at the onset of the song accompany a breathtaking vocal sample inspired by other cultures… perhaps pulling intake from frequent travels and unforgettable performances taking place all around the world. Past powerful performances of unity and togetherness connecting the human race. While we are living through a time of unprecedented division and disunity, CloZee’s Emergence symbolizes the importance of working with one another: the coming together with a common goal to share the beauty of hopeful music. Emergence is all about that discovery and, while being overall a killer album, does all it can to open doors for the next electronica generation to carry on. 

Purchase or stream ‘Emergence: Curated By CloZee’ compilation album:

Track listing:

  1. Galactic Ambassador – Dreamers Delight
  2. Ellie’s Nap – Esseks
  3. Sanctuary – Fakear
  4. Down For It – Habitaat
  5. Wisteria – capshun, Floret Loret
  6. Yours – Lil Fish
  7. Kailasa – Skysia
  8. The Source (Jaguar Edition) – An-Ten-Nae
  9. Jungle Groove (feat. Evan Fraser) – Ahee, Morillo
  10. Fire Breather (feat. Yiani Treweeke) – Dysphemic
  11. Abysmal – NotLö
  12. Dragonfly – Nok Nok
  13. Virah – Orenda
  14. Let’s Do This – Bass Temple
  15. Nature Falls – Klasey Jones, The Wildcatz

Album artwork by Android Jones

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