Surfer Girl’s debut single “Hero” hails political change

Aer frontman Carter Schultz is back in action — calling for an action hero, that is. Resurfacing from his last Aer release in 2016, Schultz debuts the first single “Hero” today under the new sobriquet Surfer Girl off Ineffable Records. Surfer Girl might sound laidback, yet they are far from politically passive. “Hero” has all […]

California Roots 2014 gallery: Day two

Aer Aer Aer Happy people everywhere Zion I bringing in a large crowd Zion I Zion I That’s a lot of people Alborosie Alborosie Alborosie Iration Iration Iration True Press True Press Dan Kelly from Fortunate Youth with True Press Los Rakas Los Rakas Los Rakas Los Rakas Ziggy Marley Ziggy Marley Ziggy Marley Ziggy […]

Dirty Heads 2014 tour with Pepper & Aer

Formed in 2003 out of Huntington Beach, CA, The Dirty Heads have been releasing chart topping tracks and albums for more than a decade. Their latest release which was announced early this year titled Sound of Change will feature a slurry of top-end producers like Supa Dups who worked with Drake and Eminem, Dave Bassett […]