A talk with BeachLife band Tomorrows Bad Seeds

The turnover rate for bands in the reggae-rock scene is unfortunate. Over the past few decades since the genre got popularized, bands have risen to the tippy top (cough, Stoopid, Reb) as others dissipated faster than vape smoke, rendering themseles a minor blip on the reggae-rock radar. RIP to all those fallen soldiers. You did […]

Kyle Smith interviews after his Tower 12 performance

Kyle Smith Kyle Smith Kyle Smith Kyle Smith Kyle Smith w/ Dan Kelly Kyle Smith w/ Travi Bongo Kyle Smith Kyle Smith w/ Travi Bongo Kyle Smith After opening for the likes of The Aggrolites, J Boog, Pato Banton and Tommorows Bad Seeds, reggae-rock singer and songwriter Kyle Smith and his band made a stop at […]

Moises Juarez: From Bad Seeds to Krooked Treez

Moises Juarez – Moi for short – has grown to be a staple of the west coast music experience. With a soulful, sweet singing voice that ranges from ballads to beat-boxing, Moi utilizes his hip-hop b-boy swagger in conjunction with his extensive genre-bending musical repertoire to get everyone within a venue on their feet. Top […]