Andrea unveils adorable “Talk to Me” music video

Macedonia rising artist Andrea brings to life her electric “Talk to Me” single in this fun-filled and vibrant music video! Directed by Vladimir “Gjule” Mitrevski, Andrea coaxes her crush to come out of the shadows as colorful slides are spliced with black-and-white contrasts and animated shapes traverse the screen. Choreographed dancers segue between all the roles Andrea undertakes in the video, from avant-garde expressionist to the girl next door to a tomboy basketball player with cornrows. Her constant change-up insinuates you don’t know a person until you at least “talk” to them, for they could be anybody!

Andrea knows how to differentiate between the real deal and a lost cause… you just have to approach her first.

Aside from Andrea’s compelling vocal range, this track further offers food for thought over retro synths and an addictive beat. Attraction is only valid through compatibility, so “is there a deeper meaning” present when you happen across someone intriguing? Andrea wants to know if her adoration all for naught, so help a girl out and by chatting her up. The invitation is on the table.

“Talk to Me” is now out on all digital outlets for streaming and purchasing. The single’s vibrant video is still climbing in the ranks, garnering over 18k views in its first 12 hours and 1.3 million views since its debut! The sky is truly the limit for this ambitious pop star, so make sure to follow Andrea on social media for more.

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