WITHN shines in sentimental “Siempre” music video

Los Angeles-based, Colombia-raised world music artist WITHN, born Santiago Orozco, returns with a personal ode to his upbringing in “Siempre” and the song’s accompanying video. Walking a graffiti park, deep in contemplation and hugging family members, WITHN expresses deep sentiment throughout the music video, whether you understand his profound Spanish lyrics or not. Luckily, he’s included video subtitles.

WITHN comments on the video: “‘Siempre’ is shot in my hometown Bogota, Colombia. Barrio Modelia, in ‘el parque del golfito’. This song is dedicated to all our memories. The good ones and the bad ones. To the people who showed us love during very hard times and where every breath and day felt like an eternity. To our childhood. To the neighborhood where we grew up, our loved ones, all the people that are no longer with us, the love for this world and, most important, to the love for ourselves and ‘THIS MOMENT’.”

A collective breath of fresh air is exactly what the human race needs right now… and, it comes from WITHN.

Joining the acclaimed world music artist on the song’s production is Alex Pratsyuk and professional violinist Jamie Shadowlight. After 37 takes in the studio, WITHN claims he was overwhelmed with a purge of emotions. “After I finished all my 37 takes, I went out of the studio to take a break and get a bottle of wine from a store around the corner. Then, as I was immersed in my thoughts, a wave of intense feelings took over me. Feelings of happiness, excitement, melancholy and sadness. I was high on life, but so grounded. As I was walking the empty streets of North Hollywood around 3am, these strong emotions were flowing inside of me like a river just receiving the melted ice from the snow mountains, and a voice inside of me was constantly repeating — ‘This is the song’… ‘This is the song’.”

Bringing this overwhelming catharsis to life is director and producer Mónica Molano Soler, alongside Director of Photography Leonardo Sepúlveda, in the video for “Siempre”. Watch the new video above and for more information on WITHN, make sure to follow the links below.

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