Beeb$ spreads the love in “Wake Up” video

Pop-reggae solo artist Beeb$ is back just when we need her the most with a new video for “Wake Up”, featuring the talents of NIKO IS. The trancey chanteuse is known for spreading a little sunshine wherever she goes and with this prolonged quarantine, that’s exactly what we need. The single, previously released in 2019, has a catchy chorus to it — “wake up, be love, be lovely!”

Every day is a new day, so instead of hoarding good vibes for yourself, be kind to your fellow man (or woman).

Being consistently fashion-forward in the reggae realm, of course Beeb$ needed an electric video to accompany the track. From color pops to nature overlays, the vibrant video for “Wake Up” will have you feeling fine in no time. Beginning with a phone conversation between Beeb$ and NIKO IS, the video elaborates on a ‘Sunday Funday’ done right: from pedicures to watering flowers to driving the coast, you can create the best day if you want to. Especially, in sunny, gorgeous southern California! Beeb$ clearly doesn’t take her natural surroundings for granted.

Enjoy the music video for “Wake Up” above and watch out for new works from Beeb$ soon. For more information, visit the links below.

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