Graham Nancarrow and The Goddamn Saints debuts with “You’re The Reason I Drink” video

Graham Nancarrow and The Goddamn Saints has a debut single dropping on May 1st that you do not want to miss! The southern California country music ensemble (superseding Graham’s original project ‘Nancarrow’) has graced major festival stages, like Stagecoach and KAABOO Del Mar, and garnered three nominations and one win at the San Diego Music Awards. Equipped with new name yet same honky tonk attitude, Graham Nancarrow is reborn through GDS and just as country as ever in “You’re the Reason I Drink”.

“You’re the Reason I Drink” is a catchy country anthem just in time for summer — a much needed mental vacation!

With twangy drawl and tasteful raciness, Graham Nancarrow and GDS explores all the reasons to head to the nearby bar in the single’s video, released ahead of the track back on April 7th. Whether it be while taking in a show, after a hard day’s work or simply being within good company, drinking is an excellent way to cap off a day. But, of all the reasons to consume libations, heartache is king. “When the bars are closed and you’re still on my mind” Nancarrow croons, you can find him at the saloon. Speaking of, the video for “You’re the Reason I Drink” features old-school style shots of burlesque girls and saloon boys enjoying them. The footage is sped up, slightly out of focus and purposefully pixelated to emulate old film being played back on the first home recording machines. Interjecting color footage of the band performing with that of black and white, shots of modern day men juxtaposed to those of old, the video effectively communicates nothing has changed from then till now — feelings of inebriated distraught, passion and sorrow remain timeless.

But, that’s the whole point of bar life: to dance, to drink, to host naughty thoughts and to distract yourself from what’s really on your mind. “I can quit these vices any time,” Nancarrow declares, yet with such a motive, might as well fill the void… or try to drown it. Old-timey animation is also shown throughout the video, suggesting that even with a heavy heart, any cup overfloweth can prove a fun one.

“You’re the Reason I Drink” is a catchy country anthem just in time for summer — a much needed mental vacation! With current world events, there are a million reasons to drink; why not invite Graham Nancarrow and The Goddamn Saints to the party? For more information or to be the first to hear the single across all digital outlets May 1st, visit the links below.

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