Bobby Hustle lives high life in “Fade Away” video, ft. Josh Heinrichs

Have you ever seen a music video and immediately felt envious of the people in it? That’s how the new music video for Bobby Hustle’s latest single “Fade Away” featuring Josh Heinrichs hit me when I saw it. It’s a weed smoker’s dream, basically! Spliffs getting lit up left and right, Josh taking rips off of his electronic dab rig, literal stacks of jars filled with different variations of THC and all of that special smoke mixing with the pungent and primal fumes of a BBQ grilling up dinner. Oh, and did I mention a rooftop pool next to GIANT CHESS?!

I mean come on, who wouldn’t want to be at a party like that?? 

The song — which we covered here — is a reggae man’s homage to the marijuana plant and the video works in much the same fashion. First off, you can clearly tell that it is taking place as the hills of sunny southern California embrace nightfall, focusing on the whole idea of losing the stress of the day. So, immediately, I am already thinking about how it feels to roll up to a party after a stressful day of work. The second thing you blatantly notice is the amount of bud these guys are messing with, which, in turn, makes me think about how much better it feels to roll up to a party where my favorite plant is aplenty. Like the lyrics in the song points out — if you know the right people, you can get boxes of this stuff. I’d say Bobby Hustle, Josh Heinrichs and Luis Tovar (of Iya Terra) know the right people!

The video for “Fade Away” really just overall demonstrates in a visual medium how the song focuses on the topic of finding ways to melt the stress of the day away and nothing relays that topic more than good friends, good food and good weed. Bobby Hustle says, “I’m so excited for the video release! I love being involved in a project with so many talented people working towards the same goal. From Josh and Luis to Jay Pro (video director) and the 808Kartel crew and all the behind the scenes helpers, we pulled it off and I’m so thankful!” 

Set to be released this Friday, July 8th, the music video for “Fade Away” featuring Josh Heinrichs can be seen first here and on Bobby’s Youtube channel, with the song itself being live for streaming on all digital platforms now.

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