CHASER calls to action in “Look Alive” video

Punk rock four-piece band CHASER celebrates their forthcoming EP Look Alive with a music video for the title track! Illuminating their high-energy performances, CHASER’s “Look Alive” video is just that — a performance… albeit some fun titles. For, that’s all they need: a showcase of their natural talent as a punk rock unit overlaid with some red filters and typography animation.

If you weren’t awake before viewing, you are now.

CHASER’s Look Alive is out on September 4th, following their 2018 Sound The Siren album — a fan favorite over at Effervescence Records. Not only is the EP coming, but 100% of the proceeds from their sold out vinyl sales support big causes! Four, to be exact — one charity for each vinyl color variant.

With expert drumming skills and shredding scales, “Look Alive” is a call to action for the whole human race. “As it goes in the end // It’ll come around again,” chants lead singer Mike LeDonne. Titles fly with encouragement: “help those in the fight”, “the line is clearly drawn”. The time has come to take action or take cover — your choice. Be one of the first to view CHASER’s “Look Alive” video above and watch out for the forthcoming EP around Labor Day!

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