Lucid Phase reveals video for “Roots Enterprise”, feat. Sensi Trails

Los Angeles-based band Lucid Phase has revealed their brand new music video for “Roots Enterprise”, a single featuring reggae rock bredren Sensi Trails! Strutting through a barren desert, boys of Lucid Phase begin this illustrative western-themed journey, pointing at a mysterious rotary telephone sitting idly on a stool. Obviously, they have to use it to call the weed man. Driving through the desert with pillars of smoke billowing about, Lucid Phase gets bailed out by a “peculiar mode of transportation” — aka, a smokehouse on wheels.

What is this magical mystery tour?

Lead singer Garret Laver comments on the release: “‘Roots Enterprise’ came together with the thought of combining the upbeat sounds of ska with the psychedelic breakdowns of jam and roots reggae music. The lyrics paint a colorful picture of a roaring locomotive full of people, places and sounds. The idea sparked during a late-night session to develop a mode of transportation to symbolize the energetic and free-spirited nature of our music. With the lyrics in place, we were then able to develop a composition that drives home the sounds you may hear on the railroad through our instrumentation.”

Band links: Facebook | Instagram | Website

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