Chester Bennington lives on in Grey Daze’s “Soul Song” video

The iconic career of Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington is far from complete, albeit postmortem. Nearly three years after the nu metal singer-songwriter met his untimely death, Bennington resurrects with a full-length album from his early 90s rock ensemble Grey Daze entitled Amends, out June 26th via Loma Vista Recordings. Bennington decided to reunite with his old Phoenix-based band before his passing, leading the surviving members to rerecord a largely unreleased portion of the forthcoming album last year –pairing to Chester’s original vocals — with the help of producer Jay Baumgardner and friends, like Korn’s Brian “Head” Welch and James “Munky” Shaffer, Jasen Rauch (of Breaking Benjamin), Marcos Curiel (of P.O.D.), Ryan Shuck (of Orgy), Chris Traynor (of Bush, Helmet, Orange 9MM), LP (Laura Pergolizzi) and Chester’s own son, Jaime Bennington.

Jaime Bennington further directed the music video for the album’s fourth single, “Soul Song”!

The single starts ethereal, soft and synthy. The video shows a pen sitting stagnant next to a drawing pad — a man meditates. Pencil sketches of trees, an exploration of shapes when the pen hits paper; this is the concept of self-actualization. Whether that be through exploration of wilderness or simply coming to terms of past conflicts, humans need to be able to disconnect from their inner anxieties. “Soul Song” takes a turn when the first verse hits the chorus, as Chester’s melodic vocals turn into screams. A passionate catharsis of angst and agnosticism. Bennington cries out “God has come” almost as if a rapture is upon us, with “rivers of blood” cleansing the consciousness, like in ancient sacrifices. It is at this moment, the man awakens from his meditation — he has achieved purity of action.

The video goes on to show the man exploring his desert surroundings, taking in the earth, the air renewed. Getting over the past is all in the mind. Old grainy footage of the band performing the single back in the 90s is laid over sweeping stock footage of natural landscapes, revealing a much younger, braided Bennington head-banging in his early years for fans to enjoy.

A purge of emotional nostalgia takes over you and the cycle of repentance is complete.

“Soul Song” is the fourth in line for singles off Amends, following “Sometimes”, “Sickness” and “What’s In The Eye”. To commemorate the LP, a special edition CD purchase package is available for pre-order now, as well as an eight-part video series taking fans behind-the-scenes of the forthcoming 11-song album titled Making Amends. For more information on Grey Daze and further updates, visit the links below.

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