Top Shelf Music News: Episode 5

Top Shelf Music News is back with Episode 5, or should we say, Quarantine Edition #2: Electric Boogaloo. Host Matt Cook streams from his living room while Kristy Rose… well, she’s somewhere the COVID can’t reach. With no live concerts or fests going on until further notice, the two comment on new music releases, current celeb feuds and more, with guest appearance by frontman Rev of Canadian alt band DARENOTS!

A new restriction to stay away from anything remotely educational has been instigated, meaning Alexia Johnson’s Artist #HotList has left the show; commenting on the HotList Unlist is Ohio Correspondent For No Reason, Mike E.P. And, the rest is history! Until next month, tune in to this virtual May edition.


*Top Shelf Music News is meant to be a humorous newscast. We are taking the COVID-19 crisis seriously and wish all those afflicted — in any way — the best. Our moral values of ‘bringing only good vibes’ is applied through this news show in the encouragement of laughter in a time of global hysteria. Opinions expressed in each episode do not reflect the company at large. Cheers 🍻😷*

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