Crucial Blend offers ode to OB in “Need You” music video

Cali reggae band Crucial Blend captures an ode to Ocean Beach in their new music video for “Need You”, a sweet slow jam off their No Bad Daze album. Being based out of San Diego, any resident of the city knows there’s nothing like OB: the easygoing mecca of lovable misfits, the beach that, let’s face it, is the most affordable and the hometown of reggae rock heavyweights Slightly Stoopid. But, there is so much more to Ocean Beach… from the murals of Seedless Clothing and Winston’s to the skate park to grabbing coffee at Tiki Port to meeting up with friends at Hodad’s, being in OB is an experience like none other.

Crucial Blend expresses from sundown to “as soon as I get up”, they need OB in their lives.

Paired to smooth saxophone, Crucial Blend navigates the streets of OB by bike in this video by Struble. And, not only are staple locations of Ocean Beach featured, but staple people! OB has lost a few people in recent years, like DJ Carlos Culture and Bossman Mike Hardin of Hodad’s — people who have helped shape OB to what it is today. With a zoom on Bossman’s photo inside Hodad’s and Carlos Culture’s public RIP on the THC marquee, it is clear that Crucial Blend not only appreciates being an OB resident, but further appreciates its eclectic history.

Enjoy the video from Crucial Blend above and make sure to follow the band via the links below for more.

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