WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE: Sunny State “Unite & Be”

Sunny State returns with a world video premiere ahead of their latest single, “Unite & Be”, out this Friday, October 30th! An anthem to unite a country divided, Sunny State reflects on the vast amount of diversity within the United States, days before the most tumultuous election this country has had to date.

With Election Tuesday on November 3rd, Sunny State feels there’s no day like today to push the importance of Democracy.

Before the pandemic hit and the world was rocked with unending sociopolitical issues, Sunny State was in the midst of recording their full-length album — an entity set for a summer. With the onset of the quarantine, the band’s only hope forward was to create a home studio and push the album to a mid-2021 release date; “Unite & Be” stands as the first polished product from this radical pivot, recorded and produced entirely by Sunny State members.

The world video premiere above features footage from fans, friends and family, all donating heartfelt clips for the cause. It’s time to take voting seriously, for issues are only getting more and more divisive. Let this video embed in your heart come time to take the ballot box. Make sure to purchase and stream the “Unite & Be” single once it’s available on digital outlets Friday and to follow the band on the platforms below for more.

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