Dirty Heads release “Celebrate” video

Earlier this week, Dirty Heads dropped a new music video for the track “Celebrate”, featuring The Unlikely Candidates. This song was the second single off their latest, widely successful and eclectic sixth studio album, Swim Team. “Celebrate” hits home for any DH fans that have been along for the ride since their first album, Any Port in a Storm. Over the last decade, Dirty Heads have worked extremely hard to experience the success that they have today. But, all that success and fame comes with a price. “Celebrate” is written as an ode to their families to say sorry for everything they’ve missed while being on the road. The music video features photos of their younger days with their families, as well as video of back when they first started touring the country in a van. The video shows the comparison from when they began their journey playing small venues and bars to now, where they are selling out amphitheaters and can see “20,000 fans from the stage I’m standing on”. Check out the video and our Dirty Heads Swim Team album review for a review of the full record.

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