Caribbean native Ibru (formerly Artiste Hebrew) is back with a teaser off his upcoming full-length album Life Story with the brand new single, “My Life”. Branching out from the rural island of South Andros in the Bahamas, Ibru showcases his journey from humble beginnings to stardom in this world video premiere, directed by Icey Jace and produced by Dre Swade. Juxtaposing colorful landscapes of his home country with black-and-white studio sessions, Ibru implies that although his childhood was limited, it was not without worth. Fade transitions in the video of Ibru walking out doorways as an adult and a young boy doing the same visually implies to the viewer how far Ibru has come as an artist. The Timbalands he’s rocking is another giveaway that Ibru’s hard work is finally paying off, as well.

…Ibru implies that although his childhood was limited, it was not without worth.

“One summer evening in 2017, I was sitting in a recording session with producer Dre Swade,” Ibru states of the single. “Dre turned to me and said, ‘I want you to listen to this new beat I made.’ He played the beat, and after hearing the intro and melody for the chorus, I knew it was a perfect match for the song ‘My Life’ which I had written a few years earlier. The music had the emotional feel that I needed to portray my story of facing struggles in life, but never giving up. I immediately began singing my lyrics to the beat. We both agreed that it was a perfect match. I knew it was something special!” Considering Ibru’s forthcoming Life Story stands as a musical autobiography, “My Life” is paramount to the work as a whole.

Life Story is set to release early this year off Ibru’s own Kohanim Records. For more information, visit

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